Tour: Willow’s Discovery by Joann Jaytaine

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Willow’s Discovery

Release Date: Oct 6th

Willow’s next discovery could get her killed.

Willow Winters has been safely ensconced in London managing the international division of the Winters Corporation. But the vicious Kaleidoscope Group is relentless in its pursuit of the Winters sisters and their scientific breakthroughs. They’ve planted a mole in the company ranks, making Willow’s paranormal abilities crucial in the search for the traitor. Unearthing this spy will expose Willow as a threat and put her squarely in the sights of the murderous Kaleidoscope Group.

Wyatt Farraday is a military liaison to the Winters Corporation. Consumed with keeping Victory and Payton Winters alive, he’s had no life of his own. Now the third triplet has returned home and his job just got exponentially harder. Willow outdoes her sisters in the hardheaded department. She’s independent and can take care of herself and she doesn’t need Wyatt to watch out for her. But Wyatt’s determined to watch her in every way he can

Willow’s Discovery is book three in The Winters Sisters series. Begin your adventure with Book One: Chasing Victory and Book Two: Payton’s Pursuit.


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I’ve read a couple of sweet romance by Jaytanie in the past–novellas that were part of an anthology–and I enjoyed both of them so of course I signed up to review this one.

First thing I’d say about this one, you might want to read the series in order. I haven’t read books 1 & 2 so there were times when I’d get a little lost in the who’s-who and how-do-they-tie-in-with-the-story details. I will probably revisit this one later, after I’ve read the others of course, to see how the series ties together. The story itself is a complete one but I think it probably functions better as part of the series rather than a standalone.

I rate the book as a four-star read. It has an intriguing story. There is a lot going on though (which is why I would recommend reading the series in order). You have the main story arc that encompasses the sisters and their struggles against Kaliedescope Group–past kidnappings, current attempts to manipulate or abduct people in the Winter’s camp, unethical experiments, murder and general mayhem–it’s obvious these guys have been a pain long before book 3. Then there is the mystery surrounding the involvement of Edward Ryker. They know things he did in the past but he’s been missing for fifteen years– is he even alive? If so, is he involved with KG? Then there is a ton of mystery surrounding Willow’s predicament–not going to expand here because I don’t want to give too much away. Lastly there is the romance between Willow and Wyatt, which of course, is building amidst all the chaos. The story has some great elements and I really enjoyed the story-line–it kept me up late reading and then when I got up entirely too early (before 6 am on a Saturday!) it had me staying up reading instead of going back to sleep.

The characters were difficult at times. I had a hard time pegging Wyatt as military (mostly because of physical characteristics) and sometimes I didn’t get what the author was trying to convey with the characters’ words or actions. I did find the characters to be likable even if they were a bit inconsistent at times. l’m all for multi-faceted characters but it seemed more like they were pawns in the story rather than individuals reacting to the situations they found themselves in. In short, the story drove their actions, making scenes seem forced rather than organic.

Honestly, inconsistencies are one of the main issues that keep this from being a five-star book. The characterization was an issue at times, then there were minor things that pinged with me like someone being referred to as a fiance in one chapter and then the next instance it’s wife and I was like, wait did I miss a wedding? Why wasn’t it mentioned?

The other thing that negatively impacted the book’s score was flow. Most of the instances were confined to the beginning of the story but here is what I found.

  1. Parts of the story didn’t exactly flow well–scenes seemed disjointed at times, more like pieced together snippets rather than a coherent story. Some conversations and scenes served as distractions rather than adding to the story.
  2. The transitions were problematic–the scene shift would be indicated by asterisks but there would be no indication of how the next scene fit with the previous one. The passage of time could be anywhere from moments to weeks and I had no clue which it was. Occasionally, passage of time would become clear as the scene progress but other times, I never figured it out.
  3. Some dialogue was confusing–I’d have to reread passages occasionally because I’d lose track of who was speaking.
  4. The sex scenes could have been eliminated–these read more like clinical descriptions than moments of passion. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of feeling associated with these scenes.
  5. It was hard to get a read on character’s emotions–I felt almost like an Aspie in this case. I hear them say the words but I don’t quite understand the sentiments. For me, the feelings expressed by the characters lacked depth, except in the cases where Willow experienced fear, those scenes were well constructed and the emotion was conveyed perfectly.

Once the main action of the story hit, things moved smoother, with the occasional exception here and there. The elements of mystery, subterfuge, betrayal, danger… Those were the best parts of the story. They felt real and thus surpassed the flaws I’ve mentioned taking this book from just alright to pretty good. I find that my interest is piqued and I do intend on checking out the previous installments and any future novels as well.

Victory Winters is a world-renowned geneticist and possesses an unusual innate sense of communication, bordering on telepathic when relating to animals. She is kidnapped by Lawrence Braxton. Braxton is the madman CEO who runs Biotec, and forces Victory to pursue her research on canine DNA.

Naval officer Tristan Farraday is sent undercover to track Biotec’s experiments. These experiments involve the implantation of canine DNA into humans, thereby manipulating their genetic makeup. The goal of Biotec is to create the perfect soldier.

Murder, kidnapping, and blackmail follow as Tristan realizes Victory has been pulled into Biotec’s world against her wishes. She refuses to divulge the genetic answers Braxton demands. Victory knows Biotec wants to exploit her findings, by administering them in a destructive manner. Will Tristan rescue Victory from this madman’s grip and save her family? Can he keep her discoveries away from enemy hands?

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Payton Winters is thrust into the position of CEO of The Winters Corporation after the sudden death of her parents. Confronted with the knowledge she was born with special abilities, she finds herself in the dilemma of being a grounding force to people who possess psychic powers. She has unwillingly become the mental anchor to the one man she wants no part of, Collin McBain. While on a routine mission, Collin is drugged, tortured, and injected with wolf DNA. Now believed dead, he is secretly assigned to the Winters Campus.

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Joanne was born and raised in Sherburne, New York, a quaint village surrounded by dairy farms and rolling hills. From the moment she could read she wanted to explore the world. During her college years she slowly crept across the country, stopping along the way in Oklahoma, California, and finally Washington State, which she now proudly calls home. She lives with her husband and Dobermans, in their home located on the Olympic Peninsula with a panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains.

Joanne writes romantic suspense, paranormal, and contemporary romance. She loves to submerge herself in the world of her characters, to live and breathe their lives and marvel at their decisions and predicaments. She enjoys a wide variety of books including paranormal, suspense, thriller, and of course romance.

Joanne is a member of Romance Writers of America, and past President of Peninsula Romance Writers, which was Debbie Macomber’s home chapter.


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Tour: Harvest Moon by Lisa Kessler

Harvest Moon Banner 851 x 315

coverHarvest Moon
The Moon Series
Book Four
Lisa Kessler

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Entangled Select Otherworld

About the Book:

Dr. Jason Ayers unleashes all of his rage and his frustration through fists and brute force in an underground boxing ring. The werewolf may be the pack’s doctor, but he can’t even heal his coma-stricken father after the Nero Organization’s attack stopped his heart. And as his Pack brothers settle down around him, he still refuses to believe in the fairy tale notion that every wolf has a true mate…

In hiding and on the run, nurse Kilani Akamu is a loose end that Nero is desperate to tie up. She can’t afford to be attracted to a doctor—especially one as unexpectedly hot and complex as Jason. Yet the sexual sparks arcing between them are undeniable…and Kilani’s precognitive senses warn her that temptation is inevitable.

All it takes is one touch to send Jason’s wolf howling. But even if he could protect her from Nero, he can’t protect her from himself…

Goodreads  |   Amazon  |   BN   |   Entangled

3D Harvest Moon


If you love suspenseful/mystery shifter stories, don’t hesitate to hit the “buy” button on the Moon Series! – Snarky Mom Reviews

Dark. Sexy. Emotional. Take a wild, suspenseful journey with the Moon Series!

Kelly Smith Reviews

Swoon worthy werewolves fighting to protect their pack from an evil organization bent on destroying them. With true love and steamy sex scenes, what more could you ask for? The next Moon Series book to come out of course! – RPriestEllgyCo

I love every book I have read by this author; the Moon Series is no different. An exciting run with shifters, science, and sexy sizzle. – Cosmic Palate Reviews

A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

How in the hell has this series managed to slip under my radar?

This is the main question that has plagued me since I started reading this book. (I feel guilty that it took me so long to read one of Kessler’s books because she has been on my want-to-read list for a while.) This is a great paranormal romance that reminded me a little of some of my favorite PNR series–Christine Feehan’s Ghost Walkers, Maggie Shayne’s Wings in the Night, and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters. The similarities are slight but they were enough to add this author among those names on my MUST-READ list.

This five-star read had me hooked from the get go. The story is well written, it has a great pace, and the characters were complex enough to keep me interested. Well, that may be oversimplifying it a bit. The story was absolutely addictive. Now, you may be able to guess this factoid just by taking a gander at the series I compared this book to but I have a thing about fate, fated mates, soul mates, and any other variation of the concept. The idea that a higher power has a hand in who someone falls in love with is one of my favorite story lines. (I actually have a series of my own planned with this concept–one completed MS still in the edit phase and several more planned.) So this subject is one I can really sink my teeth into.

The paranormal elements were great as well. They enhanced the story without taking over the plot. This is first and foremost a romance. The supernatural elements are important but they aren’t as grandstanding as in some series I’ve read. The werewolves only change on the night of the full moon but the protective and sometimes aggressive animal nature influences the human side. The psychic abilities aren’t completely reliable and sometimes it is better not to know what did/might/will happen. Kessler also uses a range of magical abilities found in multiple cultures which I really liked as well.

Now the characters… They are something. I loved the amount of contradictions Kessler packed into her characters. Jason is a doctor and yet he is also a fighter. It’s not everyday you see a MD duking it out in the boxing ring as part of an underground fight club. Jason himself as well as Kilani and a few others point out repeatedly how a doctor shouldn’t be constantly bruising his hands or risking brain damage from concussions but every time he needs to feel in control, he steps into the ring. Kilani fears the same thing she craves. She doesn’t want to put herself out there and risk getting hurt but she wants to be loved. Sebastian has split loyalties which are shrouded in mystery through most of the story. The entire cast of characters seems to have some sort of internal conflict going on. (Plus, a lot of the characters also have dual natures because they are werebeasts of some sort which makes the dichotomy of their psychology even more fascinating–man my inner nerd just won’t stay away.)

I am definitely hooked now. I know that I HAVE to get my hands on the first three books so I know everyone else’s story. This does function well as a stand alone. There are some references I knew brought up things from previous books, but I wasn’t lost–the author gave me enough info to understand past events within the context of the story. Overall it is an amazing book and I highly recommend it to any PNR fan. BTW- there is some sex in the book. It is what I would call mild-yet-wild; the language is mild but the scenes are intense- perfect combo for this kind of story.

The MOON Series:

Book 1 – Moonlight (Lana & Adam)

Book 2 – Hunter’s Moon (Aren & Sasha)

Book 3 – Blood Moon (Gareth & Nadya)

Book 4 – Harvest Moon (Jason & Kilani)

Book 5 – Ice Moon (in Nov. 2015)

Author’s Note –

While all of the books can be read as standalone novels, you may enjoy reading the rest of the series as well.

authorAbout the Author:

Lisa Kessler is an Amazon Best Selling author of dark paranormal fiction. She’s a two-time San Diego Book Award winner for Best Published Fantasy-Sci-fi-Horror and Best Published Romance, as well as the Romance Through the Ages Award for Best Paranormal and Best First Book. She currently writes the Night Series and the Moon Series for Entangled Publishing.

Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

When she’s not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, and has performed with San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego.

You can learn more at

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Tour: Confessions of a Punk Rocker by Nessie Strange


ConfessionsOfAPunkRocker-ByNessieStrange-453x680CONFESSIONS OF A PUNK ROCKER






PAGES: 268


coapr teaser 1

Jack Norris just lost his best friend—who also happened to be his band’s drummer—to a drunk driving accident. As he navigates the uncertainty of the band’s future, as well as his own personal demons, his life spirals out of control. To make matters worse, his dead friend is back, and it’s wreaking havoc on Jack’s sanity. When a new acquaintance not only hooks him up with a drummer, but promises to help get rid of his ghostly stalker, Jack’s life does a one eighty.

coapr teaser 2 Drew MacLellan, the new drummer, is helping to bring the band back from the dead. He’s also got an insanely hot older sister who is definitely not Jack’s biggest fan. Jen MacLellan is nothing like the women Jack’s dated in the past, but the more he gets to know her, the deeper he falls. The only problem is, she’s got a boyfriend. Caught between his growing attraction and the desire to do the right thing, Jack does everything he can to keep things as just friends. The longer it goes on, the more he realizes it isn’t possible. Can Jack win the heart of the woman he’s fallen for? And can he figure out how to help his dead friend rest in peace…permanently?


Buy the book
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A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

I had the pleasure of reading one of Strange’s stories in the Love Least Expected Anthology last year so when the review option for this one came through my inbox, I just had to sign up.

So this one features a punk rocker on the rise to fame, a dead best friend, and the girl that’s off limits. Honestly, I would have read that without knowing anything about the author’s previous work. The story is told in first person perspective from Jack’s POV and it is written in present tense. Now this usually is problematic for me but I have to give the author credit, it was amazingly well done. Jack’s voice is strong and it never seems to slip; I knew throughout the story everything was his–thoughts, perceptions, feelings, etc. And as for the tense–it was so well done that I didn’t even notice. I never got that ‘off’ vibe that clues me in to this particular style. I actually noticed it when I went back through the text to make sure I had my details right.

When I sat down to review, I went back and looked at the other story I’d written a review for and noticed something similar about the characterization in the books. The main characters start off a little weak for my taste but once again, Strange makes it work.

At first, I hated Jack. There, I said it. He came off as whiny, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-destructive… His whole poor-pitiful-me routine made me want to kick his ass up between his ears. Now, I admit my opinions are tainted a bit because: 1) I am the oldest child so I don’t relate to the baby of the family mentality and 2) By my early twenties, I was already married with children so the concept of being young and doing normal stupid-kid-stuff is kinda lost on me. I really related more to Jen because taking on too much responsibility has always been my gig. Anyway. As the story progressed, I began to understand that Jack’s familial strains weren’t just his imagination or a matter of faulty perception, and I began to feel sympathetic to his plight. I guess he grew on me the same way he grew on Jen.

I did like the other characters tremendously. Like I said, I get the older sibling mentality so I actually liked Ashton even if he was a bit of an ass. I loved PJ and Ethan because everyone needs weird friends. Drew was the typical little brother–having 2 of my own, I know they tend to be both wonderful one moment and a PITA the next. Then there were the depictions of family relationships. I loved the way she captured different family dynamics through the descriptions and personalities of the various parents (and the interactions with their children) present in the story. Strange managed to create an entire community of separate and interconnected people which gave the characters and the story a tremendous amount of credibility.

The Paranormal elements were great. Ghosts, talking with the dead, crossing over–these were handled wonderfully. I did like the more gruesome factor the haunting had. It reminded me a lot of R.M. Gilmore’s Dylan Hart books. The author took a different approach and instead of doing the cliched type of ghost story, she created something raw and gritty. I love the paranormal genre but it is super popular right now and sometimes is in danger of becoming homogenized. Stories like this provide novelty and keep the genre fresh and alive.

This is definitely a 5-star read. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series and I fully intend to stalk–um, I mean follow–this author to discover what other amazing stories she concocts.

Follow the tour for Guest Posts & Interviews:



Jen MacLellan has hit a dead end…

Jen knows tattooed, blue-haired Jack Norris is trouble the minute he opens his front door. And being a mortician in the avante garde East Side of Providence, Jen has seen a lot. Jack has recruited Jen’s teenage brother Drew to play drums for his less-than-respectable punk band, and Jen has no choice but to follow their gigs to keep her little brother out of trouble. But when Drew goes missing, she finds herself in the awkward position of asking for Jack’s help. Shocked that he agrees, Jen decides she may have misjudged him. Worse, she might even like him.

But when Jen is brutally attacked, she awakens in the hospital where a Sid Vicious look-alike greets her with the news: she’s dead, and he’s the reaper assigned to take her away. Yeah, not so much. Refusing to leave, Jen’s spirit watches helplessly as her loved ones suffer, powerless to ease her family’s grief or prevent the police from accusing Jack of her murder. Desperate to help them, Jen convinces the reaper to bring her back. But reanimating corpses isn’t as easy as it looks, and neither is finding a killer before it’s too late…


This isn’t the afterlife she expected…

Jen MacLellan can’t get the hang of being a reaper. She’s been separated from Jack, the man she loves, and is stuck with an annoying telepathic link to her ill-tempered mentor, Sam. Now Death is breathing down her neck, promising to remove that annoying link if she gives him what he wants. But when reapers begin to disappear back on earth, leaving behind walking, talking dead people, Jen and Sam are thrust into a dangerous mission to recapture the souls, and a passionate physical relationship that complicates everything.

Jack Norris has no memory prior to waking up on the half-demon Nulcifer’s couch six months earlier. As he begins to investigate his past, he discovers a string of past lives tied together by a beautiful, mysterious brunette. Who is she? And why does finding her seem like a life or death proposition?

When Sam falls victim to fate during a routine visit to earth, Jen’s devastated. Desperate to get him back, she runs smack into the man she never thought she’d see again—Jack. She tries to keep her distance, but there’s no time to be awkward if they want to save Sam. When sinister plots are revealed, and betrayals threaten everything, she’s forced to make some tough choices—and learns that life is just as difficult when you’re dead.


“Lost Soul, Lost Love” by Nessie Strange
The Living Dead World Series

It’s Jen MacLellan’s first trip back to earth as a new reaper, and Mardi Gras is in full swing. When she happens upon Chip, a partier stuck in a perpetual 1983, Jen decides to help him


nessie author picNessie is a Massachusetts native and mother of two who has dabbled in everything from abstract painting to freelance sports reporting. She also loves a good story, whether it’s reading or writing one. The first two novels in her Living Dead World series–Living Dead Girl and Reaper Madness–were published in 2014.


Tour: Delicious Complications by Sabrina Sol


Delicious Complication
by Sabrina Sol
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

Delicious Complication Cover

AmazonAmazon CAAmazon UKB&NKoboiBooks

Synopsis: A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

Temptation is a dish best served hot…

Event planner Daisy Robles can’t remember a time when celebrity restaurateur and celebrated playboy Brandon Montoya didn’t make her nuts. His infuriating arrogance, his hotness…his undeniable sexual energy. One night and whole lot of expensive tequila later, Daisy’s self-control is AWOL. And Brandon’s making her crazy in all the right ways.

When their tequila-fueled make-out session hits the tabloids, Brandon is furious. At least until he realizes his “relationship” with Daisy is his chance to get his ill mother to Los Angeles for treatment. All he has to do is convince Daisy to be his pretend fiancée for two weeks…

The deal? No sex and no falling in love. But all it takes is a little heat to find themselves in a deliciously compromising position…

DC Teaser 1


While she hadn’t expected him to jump on her in the driveway, his continuing silence and physical distance made her wonder if he’d changed his mind. She stopped in the middle of the foyer after hearing the door close behind her. “So we should talk about what—”

He grabbed her left wrist and spun her around to face him. Then he grabbed her other wrist, making her drop her small clutch purse on the floor, and walked her backward until she was up against the front door, pinning her hands on each side of her head. “I think we’re done talking.”

He claimed her mouth in one long, brutal kiss, finally giving her the physical contact she’d been waiting for. She surrendered to him and their tongues dueled in a desperate dance to taste each other, feed on each other. Brandon moved his lips to her neck while his hands still pinned hers.

“God, I’ve thought about touching you like this for so long. So damn long.”

So had she. It wasn’t until he kissed her at the party that she’d realized just how long she’d been waiting. She was a starved woman who’d been tricking herself into thinking she wasn’t that hungry. His kiss blasted through any remnants of self-control, and she was ready to finally indulge in her cravings. “I want you, Brandon,” she confessed.

He lifted his head to look at her. “And I want you, Daisy. Necesito. You know that. I’m ready to take you, but I need to know for sure. I need to know you’re ready for this. Because if you’re not, I’ll let you go right now.”

The thought of Brandon not touching her again was inconceivable. She met his darkened eyes. “I’m sure. Make me yours, once and for all.”

It was the permission he needed. He let go of her wrists and encircled her with his arms. She threw hers around his neck and pulled him down for another consuming kiss. He groaned and it thrilled her to know that she had caused him to do that. Their passion became a hurricane of heated energy, and she was swept up in its vortex, hurtling toward a place of raw sexual need that she’d never experienced before. If this is what it meant to become lost in another person, then she didn’t want to ever be found.

“I’m going to go crazy if I don’t touch you, Daisy. Dejame tocarte.”

“Yes…touch me, please.”

Brandon dropped to his knees and lifted the hem of her cocktail dress, pushing it up around her waist. “Careful,” she whispered. “The dress is rented. I have to send it back tomorrow.”

He hooked a finger under the waistband of her black thong. “Is this rented too?”

“No. Why?”

In one swift move, he ripped the flimsy material off her body and spread her lips open.

DC Teaser 2

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A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

This one starts off with Daisy and Brandon expressing their contempt for one another through witty banter one minute then after a few shots of tequila, they’re practically going at in the hallway outside the honeymoon suite. So, of course it sucked me in. Like my favorite Shakespearean couple, Benedick and Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing, Daisy and Brandon aren’t your typical lovebirds. They try to hide their attraction by antagonizing one another, using their hostile demeanor to protect their hearts and/or careers. I honestly prefer to read stories like this; where the couples don’t start off fawning over each other but instead the relationship develops because they try to avoid a romantic entanglement. For me, the story feels more real because let’s face it, real relationships are as messy and complicated as they are wonderful.

The exploration of their attraction was only part of the story. The rest revolved around Daisy and Brandon’s relationships with their friends and family. I love it when an author takes the time to develop characters this way. How people act with friends and family really highlights facets of their personalities that may be overlooked otherwise. The way the author handled the platonic and familial relationships added depth to the characters and the story. They provided the background necessary to understand each character’s reservations about their growing relationship. And the information about their childhoods and parents gave crucial insight to how their pasts shaped who they are. The characters were so well defined, I felt like I knew them personally, which made me care about the outcome of their little drama.

Now, let’s talk about sex and all that entails. I felt the scenes were well written–from foreplay to completion–they worked, nothing felt forced or rushed and they fit the story well. I’d say they’d rate 4 out of 5 as far as intensity goes. Some crude language but it didn’t go so far that it cheapened the act. What I really liked about the sex was the way they joked around at times. Yeah, good sex is part of a healthy relationship but the way the banter about sex continued after they slept together just made the whole relationship feel more real.

I really just loved everything bout this book. I liked the way the author used Spanish words, phrases, and foods in the story; it gave the characters a rich culture (and honestly made me hungry to try new foods–I’m gonna be looking up some recipes REAL soon). The characters were wonderful and the story was amazing. I definitely want to read book 1 and find out about Amara and Eric’s story and I hope to read about some of the other characters–Alex maybe?–in the future.

This one definitely earned a five-star rating. I can’t wait to read more by Sol in the future!

Other Books in the Delicious Desires series…

Delicious Temptation Cover

AmazonAmazon CAB&NKoboiBooks

Synopsis: Amara Maria Robles is a good girl. So good that she gave up her dreams of becoming a renowned pastry chef to help her parents with their struggling Mexican bakery. Yet her parents reject any changes she suggests, and refuse to sell her mouth-watering confections. Clearly being a good girl isn’t paying off. So when her brother’s sexy ex-best friend walks into the bakery, Amara’s tempted to be very bad indeed…

After a scandal twelve years ago, resident bad boy Eric Valencia has returned to make things right with his family and friends. One glance at Amara and her wicked curves, however, and Eric finds himself thinking about how she’d feel beneath him—something he promised Amara’s brother he would never think about, let alone do.

But this bad boy is in deep trouble…because Amara’s determined to have her cake, and Eric, too.

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About Sabrina Sol

Sabrina Sol

Sabrina Sol is the chica who loves love. She writes steamy romance stories featuring smart and sexy Latinas in search of their Happily Ever Afters. She lives in Southern California with her husband, three kids, two Beagles and one Bulldog, and is part of a larger, extended Mexican family whose members are NOT the source of inspiration for her characters. Or so she tells them.

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Tour: Ruby’s Choice by D.F. Jones

Ruby's Choice Banner 851 x 315

ruby's choiceRuby’s Choice
Ditch Lane Diaries
Volume 1
D.F. Jones

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: D.F. Jones
Date of Publication: July 25, 2015
ISBN: 0986122742
ASIN: B011T77W08
Number of pages: 173
Word Count: 61,570
Cover Artist: Amanda Northcutt, Jones Media

Book Description:

Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age story set in the late 1970’s in Middle Tennessee with a splash of paranormal which will blossom in the second and third books of the series.

Ever since Ruby discovered an amber-encased spider web in the Campbell Ridge Cave, she has had dreams of births, deaths and glimpses into the future.

Ruby’s shift is coming to a close at Everglade General Store. As she stacks the last row of bath soap, Ruby recalls the delicious dream she had the night before. In the dream, a gorgeous guy is kissing a tickle spot, just behind her left earlobe, sending shivers up her spine. If only that dream could come true, instead of the one where a state trooper gives her a seventy-five dollar speeding ticket!

Ruby snaps back to reality when she hears the store’s front door bells chime. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say the frickin’ Adonis from her sexy dream just walked through the door.

Reed Jackson and Brent Brown introduce themselves to Ruby as members of the local baseball team her brother, George, manages. Brent mentions they specifically came out to the store to meet George’s hot, little sister. Ruby is slightly confused when she hears Reed murmur Tap It under his breath, but then she remembers the rumor going around campus about Reed and Brent’s dating game, where the two best friends compete to have a girl profess undying love to one of them. And Tap It is a winner takes all—all of what, though, Ruby has no clue. Ruby decides that she’ll play along, but according to her rules. She’ll suss out if either of these players is worthy of her love and respect.

One thing is for sure, Ruby is no pawn.

Who will be Ruby’s Choice?

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A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

I thought I knew how this review would go. I’m talking three-quarters of the way through the book, I had a definite opinion and then… BAM! The world I thought I knew was jerked out from under me and I was left reeling. The end of the book drastically changed my entire outlook on the story.

I found the beginning a little slow but honestly, that could have been just me. Last week was insanely hectic and I’m not real sure my brain was firing on all synapses by the time I delved into this book. I finished the first two chapters in a haze and wasn’t real sure if I’d been reading English or not. After picking it back up the next day and reading further, I’m pretty convinced all the muddled-assness was my own. Sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug.

Anyway. After getting back to the story, I fell into the narrative. I found it interesting although I completely forgot it was supposed to be a paranormal book. It read more like new adult. The characters are college students and the novel revolves around friendships, romantic entanglements and whatnot.

I liked the characters even though at times I found them to be somewhat annoying. I wasn’t a typical young adult myself (or teen… it’s more like I went straight from 10 to 35) so I don’t readily identify with some aspects I often find in younger characters. I wouldn’t have trusted any guy that acted like Reed and Brent. They had the pretty-boy/play-boy/frat-boy attitude which made them seem too immature for my taste (I was actually on team Jerry at first) but Ruby saw something in them. I liked Ruby. She seemed like the type of girl that didn’t put up with BS but at one point it was like she lost her edge and almost hit that bella-swan-too-stupid-to-live stage. This had me ranting and raving like a lunatic posing questions to my own daughters (they’re 10 and 16) asking if they would be that stupid–which they assured me that they wouldn’t. And just when I knew that I was going to hate the outcome… the characters surprised the hell out of me. I found myself talking aloud to an author I knew she couldn’t hear me, “YOU WIN, OKAY! YOU FREAKING WIN!” I actually shouted this as I paced my dining room… Good thing the hubs and kids were already gone to work and school, they may have called the men in the little white coats.

I confess my momentary laps in sanity to emphasize the importance of the ending of the book. The last quarter is simply amazing and it really makes the whole book. It raised it to a five-star rating where otherwise it probably would have rated a four. I gaped, I cried, I swooned then I gaped some more. The roller-coaster ending was well worth the earlier irritation at a young woman’s poor decision making skills.

I definitely plan on reading the next installment of this series. I can’t imagine not knowing what happens next!

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authorAbout the Author:

D.F. Jones is a native of Middle Tennessee and is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. After college she landed a job with the ABC Affiliate in Nashville as a broadcast consultant. She opened her advertising agency in 1998. After years of writing creative for other people through her media company, she decided to write something for herself. It turned into her debut novel, Ruby’s Choice. If you love to read and get immersed into the characters of a book, then you will catch a small drift of how incredible it is to write your own characters and breathe them into life.

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Tour Stop: Divine Passion by Valerie Twombly

banner divine passion

Divine Passion

Title: Divine Passion
Series: Guardians, book 3.5
Author: Valerie Twombly

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Resplendence

Release Date: July 22, 2015



Baal is a demon that likes to make his own rules and the thought of being tied down to only one woman makes his skin itch. When he rescues the human Ranata from becoming a sacrificial lamb, he gets more than he bargained for. With Hades insisting his fate is to bond with the beautiful female, he can either resist or risk losing his heart.

One minute Ranata is tending bar in a small hole in the wall, and the next she fears for her life. When a sexy demon comes along and saves the day, his golden eyes and hard body make him difficult to resist. With her sister in the clutches of the enemy, she must plan a daring rescue. Fate however, has other plans. Will she choose the path destiny has laid out for her?


Baal had never been turned down by a woman. Not once. Ever. He stared at the female behind the bar, who’d refused to give him even her name. He’d closed down the place a couple of nights ago with Seth, the guardian he’d been charged with babysitting—or had it been longer ago than that? After taking a couple of those damn pills that helped immortals get drunk, he couldn’t remember. Either way, he remembered craving a piece of the vision who currently gave him the evil eye. He still did. He hadn’t come across a female like her in a long time.

Black hair curled around her shoulders; thick lashes fringed blue, almond-shaped eyes. Add to that high cheekbones and pouty lips, and you had exotic perfection. Not to mention curves he wanted to sink his fingers into while he fucked the hell out of her. “Seriously, why are you working in this shit hole? You should be strutting your stuff in designer clothes and high heels.”

She laughed. “I suppose you’re going to promise me a starring role in your next movie?”

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his card. “Nope, but I need a hostess for my casino.” He tossed it on the bar. She rolled her eyes then threw her towel aside and picked up the card.

“Dragon’s Cove?” She eyed him suspiciously. “I’ve heard of it.” She snorted and tossed it back on the bar. “Right, and I suppose you’re gonna tell me you own the place?”

He shrugged. “Okay, I won’t tell you that, but I do.”

“Please, I’m not that stupid. Why would someone who owns a highly successful Vegas club be here in, as you called it, this shit hole?”

“I came to help a friend who’s down and out.”

She reached for an empty beer bottle, rinsed it then tossed it in the recycling. “The dark-haired guy? He seemed like he’d seen better days.”

“He has, but I think things will improve for him soon. Now, back to my offer. I was serious when I said I need someone. You think about it, and if you’d like, I’ll fly you in for an interview and discussion of terms.”

She wiped her hands and picked up the card again. She stared at it while pulling her bottom lip through her teeth. He could almost see the gears turning. “I don’t get it. Vegas has to be full of people qualified for the job. What do you want from me?”

No way in hell could he tell her that what he really wanted was to strip her, toss her on top of the bar and taste every inch of her. He’d have to work his way up to that one. “You desire more than this; I can tell.” No lie there. The ability to read a human’s desire was bred into every demon. It was how the evil spread. Some chose to use it for bad and others for good. In this case, his intentions were for a little of both. “Your beauty shouldn’t be wasted here.”

“I’ve always wanted to leave but never had the means to do so.”

“Well, this is your chance.” He tipped back the last swig of his beer and set the glass on the bar. “I have to leave and head back. You can Google me all night long and see that I’m who I say. Call that number, and I’ll send a limo and my private jet to pick you up. You can have a room in the hotel. I promise; no strings attached.” His charm and demon good looks would bewitch the pants right off her. He just needed the chance.

“I’ll think about it.” She tucked the card into her back pocket, and suddenly, he was jealous of the tiny piece of glossy paper.

He tipped his head. “Fair enough.” Then he headed for the door.


He stopped dead in his tracks and held his breath. Had she made up her mind already? “Yes,” he said and turned slowly.

“My name, it’s Ranata.”

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I had the opportunity to read this book and if you haven’t already read the review, you can check it out here. I absolutely love this series and can’t wait to read more about the guardians’ world. 

Link to Follow the Tour: For reviews, guest posts and interviews, check out the other tour stops over the next two weeks:

Interview with A Bookaholic’s Fix:

  • What inspired you to write the Guardian series?

I love vampires but wanted to try and write something different so I came up with the Guardians. I like to call them my vampires with a twist.

  • Do you find it difficult to keep up with all the supernatural species you’ve introduced?

Sometimes. Note taking is very important, but there have been times I’ve had to sift through a book to find something I forgot to write down.

  • So far, which guardian has been the most fun to write?

That’s a hard one. I would have to say Seth, only because it was both fun and a little unnerving getting into his crazy head.

  • What made you decide to go with a shorter book for Baal’s story? Do you think we will get more from Baal and Ranata in the future?

I decided to do a novella for Baal because he really isn’t one of the main characters though we do see a lot of him in the series. While I can’t promise, it is very possible readers may see this couple again in the future.

  • Who’s story will we get next?

It looks like Lucan is up next. You get a peek at him in Divine Passion.

Awesome. I can’t wait to read the next installment. Now I want to know a little bit about your writing habits so I’ve got a couple of this or that questions. 

  • Do you prefer quiet or do you need noise?

I often listen to my iPod. Certain music can help me get in the mood.

  • Do you plot or just go with it?

I do a little outlining, but I mostly write by the seat of my pants. I never really know where a story will end up. Sometimes I’m as surprised as the readers.

  • Are you a snacker or do you basically starve because you lose track of reality?

I’m a snacker mostly, but I try to limit it and eat at mealtime.

About the Author 577VALERIE copy_small

Award winning and best selling author Valerie Twombly grew up watching Dark Shadows over her mother’s shoulder, and from there her love of the fanged creatures blossomed. Today, Valerie has decided to take her darker, sensual side and put it to paper. When she is not busy creating a world full of steamy, hot men and strong, seductive women, she juggles her time between a full-time job, hubby and her two German shepherd dogs, in Northern IL. Valerie is a member of Romance Writers of America and Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Romance Writers.

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