Dual Anthology Blitz: Shivers & Lace & Nightmares and Echoes II


Shivers & Lace
by Multi Author Anthology
Publication Date: 16 October 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark, Fiction, Holiday, Humor, LGBT,Paranormal, Thriller

Shivers & Lace by Multi Author Anthology

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Shivers and Lace is the first collection of sexy and erotic short stories from Gorillas With Scissors Press. Spanning the field of sexy and enticing fiction, this pool of adult entertainment is intended for a discerning crowd of erotica fans. Contributed from a variety of Indie Writers for the sole purpose of giving something back. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to CAMP HOPE and ST JUDE’S. Not only will you be sampling some hot and steamy erotic tales, but you’ll be helping out two great causes.

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Nightmares and Echoes II: The Return
by Multi Author Anthology
Publication Date: 16 October 2015
Genres: Action / Adventure, Anthology, Contemporary, Dark, Fantasy,Fiction, Holiday, Mystery, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Suspense

Nightmares and Echoes II: The Return by Multi Author Anthology

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In Volume Two of Nightmares and Echoes we give you eighteen new short stories of horror ranging from the gory to the unsettling. Like last year’s offering, this collection spans the gamut of terror contributed from a variety of Indie Writers for the sole purpose of giving something back. Fifty percent of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to CAMP HOPE and ST JUDE’S. Not only will you be sampling some awesome horror, but you’ll be helping out two great causes.

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Tour: Stormdancer by Joshua Pantalleresco

The Storm is here…


About Stormdancer:

Days after the events featured in The Watcher, the Watcher is taken hostage by a dragon, leaving Kristen, Will and Nicki alone in a strange new world. With no choice but to try and rescue their friend, Kristen and the others must travel through ancient cities, forgotten burial grounds, and eventually into the heart of the great storm.

Faced with the unknown, will they be able to traverse the storms that stand before them as well as ones within their own hearts?

Book Details:

Title: Stormdancer (Sequel to The Watcher)

Author Name:  Joshua Pantalleresco

Genre(s): Poetry, Sci-Fi, Dystopian

Tags: Poetry, Epic, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, science-fiction, dragons

Length: Approx. 104 pages

E-book:  978-0-9947490-4-8
Paperback:  978-0-9947490-3-1

Release Date: October 1, 2015

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing (http://www.mirrorworldpublishing.com/)

Appropriate for all ages from Young Adult to Adult.

Follow the Tour to Read Exclusive Excerpts, Guest Posts, and Reviews:


Read an Excerpt:

we all walk through the forest and follow the river
past the grounded chariot
which still sits there silent and lifeless
watching us pass it by

we watch the river stretch out and expand
soon we will be home
a strange feeling
I never felt this way about the compound and the tower

at times, I miss the view
the one nice thing about being the Watcher
had been the endless expanse of the horizon
the world seemed endless from above

where the river ends is a compromise
my view isn’t as far up from the ground
but the water itself goes over the edge of the world
there is an endless sunset
into a distant dawn
every day

only there is no abyss gazing back
I feel at peace with that view
something I never felt back where I was born

it was mine

it is great to not be alone
to know that at long last we will be safe

my meager stick of a home can now grow
become a small hearth where we share stories
dreaming dreams without dragons…

all is ruined at river’s end.

my home already reduced to ash
the sand around it changed to glass
all that was mine is no more

I grip my ebony blades in rage
who would dare do this to me?
didn’t they know that this was mine?
my blood boils
I want to make them pay

Purchase Links:


Mirror World Publishing

Meet the Author:

Joshua Pantalleresco writes stuff. It’s even on his business card. This is a succinct way of saying that in addition to writing poetry, he also does interviews, columns, comics, prose and anything possible with the written word. When he isn’t writing, he’s playing with podcasts, filming stuff, fiddling with alternative medicine, travelling, talking to people and pretending he is a rockstar. Stormdancer is his second book through Mirror World Publishing. He lives in Calgary.


Tour: Invaders from the Outer Rim by Eric Coyote and Walt Morton

Invaders from the Outer Rim Banner 851 x 315

coverInvaders from the Outer Rim
Eric Coyote and Walt Morton

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica
Date of Publication: August 2, 2015
Number of pages: 52
Word Count: 12,800

Cover Artist: Walt Morton

Book Description:

Every small town has secrets but when Sheriff Olsen begins an investigation of weird events in Santa Maria, he discovers close encounters of the kinkiest kind.

Invaders from the Outer Rim is a mind-bending tale that explores the unfulfilled desires of the female psyche.

Literary critics agree this collaboration between award-winning authors Eric Coyote and Walt Morton is a groundbreaking achievement in erotic science fiction.

Available at Amazon

Invaders from the Outer Rim Button 300 x 225


“You want a fill-up on that coffee, Sheriff?”

Sheriff Danny Olsen was seated at a booth in Shaw’s Restaurant, enjoying an end-of-shift coffee. He looked up at the waitress and took note of the ample breasts barely contained in Darleen’s stained uniform. Olsen remembered a time thirty years ago when Darleen was crowned queen of the annual Elks Club parade. Back then she was the most eye-catching woman in town. She was still pretty, if you didn’t look too closely or the room was dark.

“Darleen, I am full to the eyeballs.”

“Let me hot it anyway.” She splashed steaming coffee into the sheriff’s cup. He stirred it in.

After she left, Olsen spiked the brew with a touch of whiskey from his pocket flask. If he started drinking a few minutes before he was off duty, too fucking bad. He had seniority in the Santa Maria substation, which served all of the unincorporated areas of the Santa Maria Valley, including Casmalia, Orcutt, and Garey. His turf was a sparsely populated agricultural hub stuck in the middle of California, but there was always plenty to do. Traffic accidents, family disputes, and petty crime were a part of daily life across America, and the valley was no different.

Olsen’s train of thought was rudely interrupted when two men sat at his booth uninvited. Olsen recognized both locals. Jack Grillo ran the Golden State realty office and Bob Lomax owned an auto parts store.

“What’s up, boys?” Olsen asked. He hoped the strong coffee odor covered the smell of whiskey on his breath.

“Sheriff, something’s wrong,” Lomax said. “Like what?”

“It’s our wives,” Grillo whispered.

Olsen studied the two men. They were his contemporaries, early fifties in age. Both were flabby with sagging beer guts and sparse white hair that looked greasy. While Olsen wasn’t as fat as either of them, he wasn’t the trim lad he’d once been. After he started going bald, Olsen shaved his head, gaining some comfort in the summer heat.

“If you’ve got trouble with your wives, that’s not my department. I’m a law officer, not a marriage counselor.”

“It ain’t like that, Sheriff,” Lomax said. “I tell ya, something weird is going on.”

Olsen watched Lomax’s trembling hands. The man seemed genuinely frightened, and the sheriff reconsidered their plight. What would put this man in a panic? Bob had been a reliable fixture in the town’s business community for years and led the Rotary Club fundraisers. It was damn odd to see him so upset.

“Bob, what do you mean? I’ll need specifics.”

Lomax’s face flushed and his voice caught. He shook his head and looked at his buddy next to him. Grillo leaned forward and spoke for both of them.

“Sheriff, you remember the funny lights in the sky the other night?”

Olsen definitely remembered. The phone in the sheriff’s substation rang off the hook the previous Sunday with over a hundred complaining calls from residents of the Santa Maria Valley.

“I do,” Olsen said.

“What about that?” Grillo said.

“Jack, we checked it out. People claimed fireworks, northern lights, an outdoor laser concert, and fifty other crazy ideas.”

“So what was it?” Lomax cut in.

Olsen looked him directly in the eyes. In his several decades of law enforcement, Olsen couldn’t recall a meeting so oddly awkward.

“It was military helicopters flying to Point Hueneme,” Olsen said.

“That’s horseshit, absolute horseshit!” Lomax exploded. Then he put his face in his hands.

Olsen eyed Grillo, who bobbled his head and frowned. Had they both gone mad? Grillo looked ready to cry, and Lomax was visibly shaking. They weren’t obviously drunk. What was going on?

“If you want my help, I need damn honesty. I’ve interviewed plenty in my time, and there’s something you two ain’t saying. What is it?”

The men shared a pained look, then Grillo nodded, giving in. “You tell it first,” Lomax said.

“It’s my wife,” Grillo told Sheriff Olsen. “We’ve been married thirty-two years. We’re good Lutherans. Nothing wild about us. Suddenly she shaves all the hair off her pussy and wants me to lick it. She makes me suckle on her coochie parts.”

Sheriff Olsen’s professionalism kept him from laughing, but he could see both men were agitated and dead serious.

“Jack, it’s not unheard of,” Sheriff Olsen said. “If you good ol’ boys consult the Internet you’ll find plenty of experts advising oral pleasures to spice things up, especially in a long marriage.”

“You don’t understand, Sheriff. She said ‘he’ told her to do it. The other man,” Grillo moaned.

Olsen blinked and took in the data. “What other man?”

“The sneaky bastard came in the night while Jack was out bowling,” Lomax interjected.

Olsen sat straighter, suddenly worried. He’d hate to discover a rapist preying on older married women but it would not be unheard of. Perverts lived in towns of all sizes.

“A burglar or a pervert?” Olsen asked.

Grillo shook his head, unable to say more as tears came to his eyes.

“Neither one. It was a spaceman!” Lomax yelled. “One came to my house, too.” Lomax was now sweating bullets and Grillo looked ready to have a stroke. “Spaceman?”  Olsen said. “That’s crazy talk. Listen to yourself, Bob.”

Grillo wiped away his tears before he spoke. “Sheriff, I’m not gonna bullshit you. I’ll say it plain. My wife’s pussy tastes like something alien was down there.”

A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

I went through stages with this one, which is interesting in itself considering the length of the book.

At first, I laughed… a lot. The scenarios were beyond outrageous and quite comical. Aliens with multiple penises, insane fantasies… the whole thing was entertaining in a WTF kind of way. Even for sci-fi, it was a bit far fetched at times. As I continued reading, I began to notice other things about the book. My best description would be it’s a Freudian train wreck. You have the Id running amuck and penis envy just to name a couple of psychological themes I noticed, of course, the themes fits the genre description so it all works.

Even though it has a single plot, the story was more like a series of individual accounts mashed together. The sheriff’s part being the unifying structure of the tale and possibly the only anchor of sanity in the whole thing. There isn’t much in the way of character development but seriously, I didn’t have expectations on that front.

I will say, it was easy to tell the story was written by a couple of dudes. The narrative gives off a testosterone vibe. The guys obviously understand as much about female desire and fantasies as old Sigmund… not a whole hell of a lot. BUT despite the shallow nature of the depictions, I did find some merit in the story, especially the observations about repressed desires.

This one is classified as erotica but it’s more like cheesy porn. The sex scenes were brief and physically graphic but they really lacked build up. It was kinda like–oh here is the (insert lame job) guy, let’s boink. So the scenes really came off satirical at best.

I did find the story entertaining and I’d say it deserves a 4-star rating simply because despite the cheesy and absurd, it never seemed like the authors were trying to make the story something it wasn’t. The way the book was written came off as deliberate making me love every eye-rolling moment. Overall, I found it to be an amusing way to pass a couple of hours and I’d definitely read more by these guys in the future.

authorsAbout the Authors:

Eric Coyote and Walt Morton both attended the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school, which is (in retrospect) poor training for anyone writing erotic science fiction.

Eric is the author of the ultra noir detective novel The Long Drunk, named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012. Walt’s debut novel American Ghoul is a dark fantasy beloved by fans and food critics.

Both men live in Venice, California, but almost never go to the beach, and neither surfs.








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Tour: Nighttime Wishes by M.A. Church

Nighttime Wishes Banner 851 x 315 cover

Nighttime Wishes
Make a Wish
Book 1
M.A. Church

Genre: Gay, Sci-Fi, Tentacled Alien Hero

Publisher: ARe Books

Date of Publication: Sept. 1, 2015

Word Count: 37000

Cover Artist: Erin Dameron Hill

Book Description:

When you wish upon a star… it comes true in ways you never expected.

Ziang, a tentacled warrior from the planet Maz’Rar, has come to Earth to claim his most precious prize and start a new life. When an unforeseen accident results in a crash landing, his plan for a quick removal of the human Shawn lays in a twisted ruin at his feet, much like his shuttlecraft. If that isn’t enough, the FBI is sniffing around.

Confronted by the very same alien who observed him since he wished on a shooting star as a child, Shawn finds his initial inability to communicate with Ziang leads to misunderstanding and fear. Forced to hide until rescue arrives, tensions mount. Shawn learns of Ziang’s intentions of taking him as a mate. Ziang, on the other hand, is completely befuddled at Shawn’s less than stellar response to said taking.

As they wait, a spark ignites. Turns out humans and Maz’Rarians are very compatible—tentacles and all. Shawn falls for the big alien he jokingly calls E.T. Now he must decide if he’s willing to throw away all he knows to travel the stars with Ziang.


Hours later the roar of what sounded like a 747 landing on his patio shook him awake. The deep hum of an engine vibrated through his body. Looking up, he saw a fireball scream across the sky, trailing smoke.

“Jesus.” As he watched, the fireball crashed into the earth.

Not thinking, he jumped off the lounge and ran towards the garage. Whatever that was had landed nearby and people might need help. Knowing he might find carnage at the crash scene, he shut the reality off in his mind. They were so far from town, it would take Fire and Rescue forever to get out there. That was, if they could even find the site without help.

Most people stayed out of the woods at night. It was much too easy to get lost if one didn’t know the land. He checked his hip pocket for his cell, grabbed a small first aid kit, then ran to the garage. He started the four-wheeler and raced towards the accident.

Whatever crashed wasn’t hard to follow—the path it left was as wide as an eighteen-wheeler. Shawn maneuvered around brush and broken trees that had been demolished in the crash. He skidded to a stop, jumped off his ATV, and ran through the smoke that drifted listlessly through the trees.

He walked into a nightmare.

There in the clearing, with its back to him, some sort of creature stood by a small circular disk-type craft. Its skin tone was a muddy brown with reddish geometric patterns. Its skin echoed the pattern of the leaves and trees around it, much like camouflage.

Shawn gulped. Whatever it was, it was not human. It jerked around as Shawn skidded to a stop, his feet sliding out from under him. He landed on his ass at the creature’s feet.


It looked male and was very tall. His body was heavily muscled and covered in an array of things that Shawn assumed were weapons. Shawn’s wide eyes stared at the creature’s booted feet, and then traveled up powerful thighs encased in a tight matte-black material that showed every muscle and bulge.

“… my…”

His thick brawny chest was clothed in a sheer, black material that fit snugly. Shawn’s journey ended at the blacked-out shield that covered its face. And what were those things writhing against its back, coming out of the back of the creature’s helmet? Was that his hair? Since when did hair move?

“… God!”

Nighttime Wishes Button 300 x 225

A Bookaholic’s Fix Review:

Okay, so every once in a while something catches my eye and prompts me to pick up a book I normally wouldn’t. Sometimes it is a baffling title (The Whistling Toilets comes to mind- excellent book BTW), sometimes it is a bright or interesting cover,  and sometimes it’s something in the description. This was a case of the latter. Although I do find the cover intriguing, it was the genre description that got me–Gay, Sci-Fi, Tentacled Alien Hero–my reaction was much the same as Jeff Foxworthy’s after the guy said a beaver bit off his relative’s nipple… You have my attention.

I guess I should preface this by saying that this book was my first foray into gay literature. I have read some books with menage situations, some with multiple men and even scenes where the men interact with one another, but this was my first M/M story. Add in the alien factor, and I’ll admit, I was imagining a cheesy story full of alien probing, but morbid curiosity won out and I had to read this story. I’m not sure why my expectations were what they were, there was no erotica or erotic tag to the genre list but I had a clear picture in my head before I even opened the file.

Rest assured, this one did not live up to my pathetically warped expectations.

In fact, I found the story was actually pretty damn amazing.

It was very well written. The story was intriguing, it flowed well, and I was completely entranced. I’d labeled the thing alien porn prior to reading and boy was I wrong. While it did have a few sex scenes that could boast serious steam, there was more to the story than sex. If I had to give it an additional genre tag, I’d say erotic romance–spicy but it also focuses on the development of the relationship. There is a hint of insta-love, but it is no less believable than hundreds of other romance novels I’ve read despite the alien/human mixed relationship.

The chapters were labeled with the character whose POV dominated the chapter and although it did shift occasionally during the chapter, there was never any confusion as to who the thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. belonged to. The transitions were clean and aside from one question which I’m sure will be answered in another book, it handled all the issues presented for the couple.

I did laugh, but it was because of witty dialogue instead of cheesy sex terms or ridiculous scenes. I loved the characters. I found them to be well constructed and believable. Yes, I find the possessive, alpha-male and the sarcastic misfit believable character profiles and they happen to be my favorite kinds of men. The author was cleaver enough to combine the two for a match made in other worlds.

I am seriously hooked now. I can’t wait to read another story by this author. This one definitely earned a 5-star rating in my book.

***BTW I figured out where my assumptions came from. I have a sci-fi erotica in my queue that I signed up for the same time as this tour… ***

About the Author:

M.A. Church is a true Southern belle who spent many years in the elementary education sector. Now she spends her days lost in fantasy worlds, arguing with hardheaded aliens on far-off planets, herding her numerous shifters, or trying to tempt her country boys away from their fishing poles. It’s a full time job, but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

When not writing, she’s exploring the latest M/M novel to hit the market, watching her beloved Steelers, or sitting glued to HGTV. That’s if she’s not on the back porch tending to the demanding wildlife around the pond in the backyard. The ducks are very outspoken. She’s married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children. She was a finalist in the Rainbow awards for 2013.

For more information on other books by M.A., visit her official website: www.machurch00.blogspot.com




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Tour: The Blue Effect by Rose Shababy

The Blue Effect Banner Sept-Oct 851 x 315

blue effectThe Blue Effect
Renegade Heroes
Rose Shababy

Genre: Adult Urban Sci-fi/Fantasy

Now a 3 Part Serial

Blue Brennan is as intelligent as she is beautiful, but she knows when people look at her, all they see is a pretty face. With no family or friends, she also knows she’s alone in the world. She tells herself she’s fine with that, after all, the only person you can trust is yourself.

Then she meets Kasey, an unusual and oddly appealing man who sees right through all the barriers she’s erected. He reveals himself as much more than an ordinary man through a strange vision, and introduces her to his equally extraordinary friends.

Kasey insists that Blue is one of them, but she resists, too scared to let herself become part of something.

Going back to her lonely existence, she finds herself more alone than ever. When her emotions take over in one terrible moment, the powers she denied rage out of control, and she realizes the only person who can help her is Kasey.

But finding him means finding herself. Is Blue ready to face the truth about who, and what, she is?

Episode 1: Paper Dolls

Free at Amazon    BN    iTunes    Kobo

Episode 2: The Revelation

Amazon    BN    iTunes    Kobo

Episode 3: The Last Dance

Amazon    BN    iTunes    Kobo

The Blue Effect Button Sept-Oct 300 x 225


“How do you do that?” I asked, finding my voice. I looked around the dance floor, at all the people frozen like 3D photographs. It didn’t make sense that I wasn’t scared by the situation at hand, but fear didn’t factor into my emotional state at all. I also wondered what it would be like to walk through the crowd and note all their bodily contortions and facial expressions, but I held back. At the moment I was more interested in hearing what this man had to say. “How did you make everything stop?”

“As to how I do what I do, I can only tell you that I do it. I know someone that can explain the how better than I. As to this,” he waggled a finger toward the still figures in the room, “this is all you. I can only help you … amplify what you had inside you to begin with.”

It was my turn to laugh, but it was humorless and harsh. “What are you talking about?”

“You have felt different all your life, no?”

“Sure. But doesn’t everybody?” I answered with an eye roll and looked around the room again. “Look at these morons. They’re all playing dress up, hiding their real selves from each other. But the truth is they’re desperate to find someone to love them. Hoping they’ll be important to someone, anyone, because they sure as hell don’t feel important to themselves. Hoping they’ll actually matter. Hoping that someone can take away the emptiness they feel every time they look in the mirror.”

He shook his head. “You are talking about yourself, not them. And they are not all like that. They are not the lifeless paper dolls you think they are, not even the ones trying so hard to stand out. And neither are you.”

His words confused me, and I felt myself growing angry. “Who are you?” I didn’t like the things he made me feel anymore, and I longed for the simplicity of the liquored-up daze I’d enjoyed earlier. I wanted to run away from him, but in the same moment I realized that nothing could have made me turn away from this strange man.

“My name is Kasimir Korsak. My friends call my Kasey. I would very much like to include you in that group.”

I shook my head. “If you know so much about me, you would know that I don’t have friends.” I put as much disdain into the last word as I could. I might want to find out more about the things that were happening, but that didn’t mean I trusted him. “Besides, what possible reason do I have to believe anything you say?”

His eyes were still steady on mine when he spoke. “You already trust me, Blue. You do not want to admit it because I am a stranger, but deep down you believe me because you hear truth in my words. You look around the room and see truth. You are different. Special.” He held out his hands, palms up in a gesture of openness. “You are like me, only you have not learned how to use your abilities yet.”

Abilities? I gaped at him. What the hell does that mean?

We stood in the strange, echoless silence, neither of us taking our eyes off the other. I wanted his words to be true. I wanted the differentness I’d always felt to be something special, wanted it with an urgency that pierced through the numbness. In the few moments I’d spent with this man I’d felt more emotions than I’d felt in years.

The realization finally brought forth fear, but it also brought excitement, and I wanted more. If his words were true, and he and I were alike, maybe that meant I actually belonged somewhere.

“I can show you if you let me.” He smiled again and as we stared at one another, thoughts that weren’t mine raced through my head.

Give me a chance to show you. There are others like us. You do not have to be alone anymore.

“Why should I?”

“What are your options?” He smiled. “Someone once said, ‘I may never be what I want to be, what I ought to be, but how will I know unless I try?’ That is all I am asking you to do, try.”

“Who said that?”

He grinned wider. “A superhero.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re kidding, right? This isn’t a fucking comic book.”

 authorAbout the Author:

Rose Shababy and her family reside in eastern Washington State. Rose grew up in the Northwest but swears she’s going to move to warmer climates someday. She’s claimed this for over 20 years, however, and has yet to move more than 75 miles away from her mother.

Rose has a deep love of all things Star Trek and yearns to travel the heavens, as well as an intense desire to be bitten by a radioactive spider.

Unfortunately she sucks at science and math so she hasn’t been able bring her dreams to life, instead living vicariously through books, comics, television and film. She hopes to someday make a million dollars so she can afford to buy her way to the international space station, but she’d settle for being able to fly around the world and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Rose also loves to cook and worked for years in a gourmet Italian grocery and deli where she learned to hone her skills. She prepares culinary masterpieces for her family, but fervently wishes the dishes would wash themselves. Especially now that her dishwashers/children are nearly grown and only one still lives at home.

Rose likes to use her free time wisely. For instance, she likes to daydream, will often read for hours until she falls asleep on the couch with an electric blanket and a warm tabby cat curled up on her hip, as well as spending cozy weekend days watching Syfy movies like Sharknado and Mega Piranha with her husband.

If Rose were a cartoon animal, she’d prefer to be a wise old owl or a sleek and sexy jaguar, but in reality she’d probably be a myopic mole with coke-bottle glasses.







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