Tour: Cul-de-sac by M.E. Yildirim

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cul de sac coverCul-de-Sac
On the Edge Series
Book One
M.E. Yildirim

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Date of Publication: September 25th 2015
ASIN: B01490125I
Number of pages: 310
Word Count: 131533
Cover Artist: Gözdem Perrichet

Book Description:

Sometimes feelings turn out to be the most lethal of adversaries.

He is known as Xan–an unapologetic king of an underground fighting arena who doesn’t step out of the ring until a fight is over and won. Nothing matters to him as much as adding another victory to the tally. But who is Alexander Thorpe, the man behind the fierce stance, and what is he really fighting for? Brutal childhood and the rough reality of living on the streets create the perfect background for a relentless and merciless warrior, but is that really all there is to the man himself? Even winning can lose its appeal if a man doesn’t know what is he really fighting for… or with whom?

“Perfect” is the word often used when it comes to Catalina Bennett, “privileged” is another. An entitled upbringing, private schools and extracurricular activities make for a flawless résumé, but they don’t paint the whole picture of a person. As a photographer, she chooses to stand behind the camera, which is a perfect way of getting to know the world… without letting the world know her. Fostered by her grandmother after the loss of both parents at the tender age of ten, she is expected to bring nothing but honor to her family’s name. Be nothing else than prim and proper, with no space left for her wants or needs.

But nothing can be denied forever.

Two completely different worlds of two individuals collide during an accidental event. But does coincidence really exist or do things happen for a reason? Life is made of seemingly unrelated moments, fragmented memories and betrayals influencing the reality, no matter the class a person is from.

Sooner or later, suppressed emotions and desires demand their due…

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Xan wasn’t the type to walk a woman to her door, unless he planned to stay for a while of course, he thought. Yet something in Catalina demanded this kind of chivalrous behavior and he was convinced every single man passing through her life had heeded this silent call.

It only pissed him off more when he found himself on the very same path that led him to her front door.

He watched her slide the key into the lock and turn around with a polite smile on her face, likely to bid him goodnight.

He would have let it go, he told himself, if it weren’t for this fucking artificial smile.

Before he knew it, he had her face in his hands and was pushing her against the door with his own body.

She sucked in a breath when he descended onto her lips as if there were no tomorrow. This time there was no hesitation in him, no compromise in the hardness of his frame. No space for asking.

In the blink of an eye, he turned into a savage ready to take.

Xan felt a tremor running through her body but he didn’t care what the source of it was. He didn’t want to think about anything except the way she felt and tasted. He swallowed her gasp and fisted his hand in her hair.

Her lips parted and maybe she meant to protest but he was not going to give her the luxury of it, his tongue delved into her mouth entwining with hers. He pulled lightly at her hair, tilting her head so he could deepen the kiss.

Catalina felt the unverbalised demand pouring out of him.

Her eyelids fluttered when his tongue swept inside–a hot brand claiming her own with baldness that set her senses ablaze.

She moaned quietly, feeling his body turning more aggressive, pressing into her with dazzling intensity until she found herself between the cool surface of the door and the unyielding hardness of his body.

There was no slow burn between them but a sudden flare getting hotter and hotter still threatening to get out of hand. Maybe it had already, she thought feverishly, lost to sensations.

Then she felt his calloused hands sliding down her body and it shocked her to feel them on her thighs under her dress somehow.

Nothing could anchor her in reality more firmly than that.

It was an unwelcome but so necessary reminder he was but a stranger to her and there was nothing between them other than the surely fatal attraction.

She pushed at his chest, gasping for breath, grasping for sanity. “You have to go.” She managed to utter the words although they felt numb on her lips or maybe it were her lips that were stupefied.

She didn’t know and it terrified her as much as what his touch did to her, stripping her of all her restraints as his hands tried to strip her of her dress.

“Do I really?” Was his lazy answer and his lips hovered above hers again but she couldn’t allow this madness to go on.


He sighed deeply, not liking her decisiveness. Not liking it at all.

He much more preferred her compliant and so damn responsive he could already imagine how it would feel to be inside her the way his relentless erection demanded. “I want to see you again.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I am sure it is not.” She didn’t look at him and he didn’t like it so he gripped her jaw between his thumb and forefinger before she could shy away.

“You can lie to me if that makes you feel any better, but why would you lie to yourself? Sleep well, Doll,” he told her and walked toward his car without a single glance back.

He had a very strong feeling he wouldn’t find the will to leave if he saw her standing there, delicious and inviting in this state of dishevelment–his handiwork.

authorAbout the Author:

M.E. Yildirim is a Public Relations specialist from Poland who is confident Satan himself created math and that the world needs more bookworms to balance the evil out. Her mother is the one who had inculcated in her respect and love for written stories and taught her not to judge a book by its cover. She lives with head full of voices which won’t be silenced until she lets them out to live and spin their tales on paper. That’s right-their tales, since they seem to have a mind and will of their own.

Walking through life to the beat of her own drum, she has worked in a PR Agency, small companies, a big consortium and even in the Military. But none of it could ever compare to the adventures of creating and building up her characters and stories. M.E. believes that books are for smoothing out everyone’s feathers and reminding people all the things they’ve already forgotten. She is happily married, oftentimes engaging her husband in her writing, with or without his consent. Tenacious as much as the characters she creates, she loves challenges, letting her own creations to take advantage of that fact.



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2 thoughts on “Tour: Cul-de-sac by M.E. Yildirim

  1. M.E. Yildirim says:

    Thank you for hosting me! 🙂


  2. jmesparza821 says:

    I liked both the book description, and the excerpt.


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