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Deathless & Divided
by Bethany-Kris
The Chicago War #1
Publication Date: September 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Suspense

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Synopsis: Lies and love. This is how a war starts.

A life for a life. That’s the mafia way. Damian Rossi owes his life to a man who is ready to collect. That payment comes in the form of an arranged marriage to the daughter of another leading family in the Chicago Outfit. He’s ready to follow through, even if that means making sure Lily knows she’s his.

Lily DeLuca isn’t being given a choice. Forced home to marry a man she doesn’t know and back into a life she’d rather forget, her world is full of half-truths, buried pain, and uncertainty. But Damian is nothing like she expects. His motives aren’t clear. Her beliefs are being tested.

When it comes to this world, no man can be trusted. Someone is ready to flip the Chicago Outfit on its side all for the promise of something better. But no one runs a clean game and these men play for keeps. When blood begins to paint Chicago red, four families will be divided by loyalty, hatred, and revenge. There is no hiding. There is no safety.

No one is deathless.

No one.

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Damian didn’t turn around as he said, “Eavesdropping is a bad habit you should break before it gets you into trouble, Lily.”

Lily bit her bottom lip. “Sorry?”

He shot her with a heated glance over his shoulder. The sight alone seemed to strike her in the chest with the intensity. “There are things you are better off not knowing.”

“I didn’t actually mean to eavesdrop.”

Damian smirked. “No, you were spying on me.”

Lily’s arms tightened around her frame again. She suddenly became hyperaware of Damian’s gaze raking over her figure with a slow intent. He didn’t hide his staring at all and his smug grin only seemed to grow into a sight of satisfaction the longer he took her in.

She felt unnerved under his surveying.

“I look like hell,” Lily said, unsure of why she even let the words out in the first damn place.

“You look incredible,” Damian said quietly. “Like you spent the night rolling in someone’s sheets, which I suppose you did.”

Lily laughed. “Just not with someone, huh?”

“Not by my choice, sweetheart.”

She shivered.


Damian was clearly playing for keeps in whatever game he had decided on.

Lily wasn’t sure she was ready for this.

Needing to get her mind away from the sexy, panty-soaking worthy place it had quickly gone to, Lily asked, “Is this usually what you do in the morning?”

“Talk on the phone?”

“No, work out.”

Damian nodded once. “If I have time, I try. It’s a good stress reliever.”

“What else do you do besides track girls down at clubs, work out, and watch news broadcasts on silent?”

“Are you asking about my job?”

Lily pursed her lips, her stare flitting between him and the spot where he’d answered the phone. “Yeah, I suppose I am.”

“I do what the boss wants me to do, Lily.”

“Anything?” she asked.


The second shiver that crawled up her spine came for an entirely different reason than the first. It was a hell of a lot colder, too.

Anything was vague enough for Lily’s imagination to run wild but pointed enough for her to understand without him directly saying it.

“So, you’re not like my brothers, right?” she asked.

“And I’m not like Tommas, either,” Damian said.


“That bothers you, doesn’t it?”

“A little,” she admitted.

“There’s a reason why they call me Ghost, Lily.”


“Yeah, because they never see me coming and they don’t hear me leave.”

Lily thought about Dino and the vague reasons she had been given as to why Damian was his first pick for her. Maybe aligning her with one of the most dangerous men was Dino’s way of keeping her safe. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

“Because you’re invisible,” Lily said.

“In the most important ways.”


“The ways that keep me from getting caught,” Damian answered.

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Jason Isbell – Twenty-Four Frames

Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky – Good For You

Hozier – From Eden

Kat Dahlia – I Think I’m In Love

Zedd ft Bahari – Addicted to a Memory

Rihanna – Skin

Christina Perri – The Words

The Kooks – See Me Now

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About Bethany-Kris


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to three young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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