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Mind Over Matter
by Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #3
Publication Date: July 28, 2015
Also in this series: #1 Crush, Closer
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial, Romance



Synopsis: They said they would try. They said they would give their love a chance.

But when the mistakes of Gabriel’s past clashed with Nicole’s hopes for the future, they realized love wasn’t enough. They tied up the loose ends of their broken hearts and walked away.

Now, Gabriel’s career is on a meteoric rise and he is back to his bachelor ways. He told Nicole he couldn’t promise forever and did his best to let her go, but these days he wonders if he spoke too soon.

Nicole has a new life, a new man, and she refuses to look back. To everyone around her though, not looking back looks an awful lot like running scared from the past.

With Jackie and Ian’s wedding approaching, a reunion between the best man and the maid of honor is to be expected. What they don’t expect is for the olive branch of friendship to catch fire with a love and need that is stronger than even their best intentions.

They called it quits. But is it really over? They still love each other. But does that even matter when they’ve made up their minds that there’s no going back?

*NOTE* Mind Over Matter is the third and final book in the Loose Ends series.

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Also in the Loose Ends series….

Closer cover

by: Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #2
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial, Romance

Synopsis: After a whirlwind week of hot sex and growing affection, Nicole and Gabriel were forced to part ways and to return to real life. For a while they danced around each other, meeting up when they could, the distance between them rivaled only by their desire to be together again.

Now these lovers are no longer star-crossed. They’re in the same city at the same time and can finally indulge their insatiable passion. At least until Gabriel’s increasingly popular band goes on tour.

But the ticking clock of his budding music career isn’t the only obstacle to contend with. A blast from Gabriel’s wild past, a guy that kept Nicole warm in Gabriel’s absence, and fear of what the future holds all converge just as they’ve begun to realize this might be love…

Author’s Note: This book contains strong language and sexual content with dark elements, some of which readers may find uncomfortable.

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#1 Crush Cover

#1 Crush
by: Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #1
Publication Date: December 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance

Synopsis: Nicole Langley’s #1 Crush has always been Gabriel Roberts, but settling for being a friendly acquaintance has had to be enough.

Gabriel has always seen Nicole as his good friend’s very pretty, but extremely off limits baby sister.

Then a hot summer day and an even hotter discovery pushes them over the lines of friendship, over the lines of unrequited desire, and into each other’s arms.

Will they indulge and move on? Or will this crush turn into something more, something deeper? Something that leaves loose ends begging to be tied…

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“This one’s one of my favorites,” Jonny said, nodding towards the glass box of creativity to indicate the song. She laughed as Q gave up his seat for her with a brotherly pat on the head, then she straightened her hair and turned her attention back to Jonny. “Gabe actually came up with most of the lyrics. And I was working on this melody the other day, just kinda got stuck in my head, you know? But Gabe added on this really haunting…shit, you gotta hear it…”

Jonny gave her a set of headphones and let her listen. She’d never actually gotten a chance to see them at work in the studio. In the past she was usually catching him just as he was wrapping up, or she was smiling at him while he pulled on the last of his clothes and headed in. This was a different thing entirely. She was in the midst of watching him layer his solo onto the track the band was laying down. She watched the subtle artistry of his fingers over the strings, the way they vibrated under his touch and then sang out when he released them. The notes faded and then broke out into the silence of the room again. His eyes were closed, his head nodding along to the music in the headphones, trapped in his own world of music and creation. She realized her lips were parted and her eyes were glued to him, which made her sit up straight, clamp her mouth shut and divert her gaze to the wood and glass of the booth.

She swallowed hard, feeling like she was going to cry. A sad song, almost like a lullaby—a powerful, rocking lullaby—a labyrinth of sounds she was powerless to find her way out of untouched. Just when she thought the beat would take her down a predictable path, something changed, the words hit her in the gut. It was like she’d heard the song before, even though this was her first time.

Maybe it was the words. Maybe it was how Jonny’s voice was begging some unknown girl for one more chance, for time to rewind away from coldness, back to fire, back to promises of forever that were etched into the very veins of the woman he loved. Maybe it was because as the chorus swelled it was like a cry to the heavens, an admission of loss that couldn’t be fixed without undoing what seemed forever done.

It’s just a song. He’s just another ex-boyfriend. This is no fairytale.

And she was done being the foolish girl so easily caught up in the spell of him. But it took more effort than she thought it would to stop looking at him, drinking him in like the first gulp of water after a long drought. Force of habit, and bad habits like this always died hard. She just had to keep forging ahead.

“Wow…” she said finally, pulling the headphones off before she really did cry. “That’s amazing. I don’t know how you guys do this over and over again.”

“Well it doesn’t hurt having our number one fan around again” Nuke said. He leaned down to give her a quick kiss on the cheek and a pat on the shoulder that once again made her miss them and miss this world.

“This one just kind of came out of nowhere,” Jonny said and shared a look with Nuke that made her feel like knew exactly where the song had come from, “and it’s gonna replace a song that was kinda ‘meh’. It just didn’t fit.”

Nicole nodded absently at Jonny and turned back to Gabriel inside the booth. “It’s beautiful. Perfect.”

Gabriel’s eyes opened and met hers. He registered only the slightest flicker of surprise. Then he smiled lightly, finishing up the last great wave of the song. It was like he was looking at her and into her all at once.

“What’s the song called,” she heard herself ask.

Jonny grinned and pulled his seat up right beside her.

“Loose Ends,” he said, then sang part of the chorus softly in her ear.

“I would tie all these up for you

For you, for you



About Kaia Bennett

Kaia Bennett

Kaia Bennett is a native of New Jersey, a college graduate and U.S. Army veteran who loves music, movies, astrology, tattoos, martial arts, animals and, of course, the written word. She heard the siren call of the writer as a teenage girl, but took her sweet time answering it until she had lived and loved enough to share her work with the masses.

She is an erotic author who loves to write stories with diversity, depth, realism and viscerally hot encounters that flirt shamelessly with the taboo. A lover of all genres and a voracious reader, she aims to write stories that are transformative for her characters and readers alike.

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