End of Summer Event Author Spotlight: Michele Bardsley


Michele Bardsley

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Bardsley lives in Texas with her husband and their fur babies. When she’s not writing steamy paranormal serials about hot shifters and curvy girls, she consumes chocolate, watches “Supernatural,” crochets hats, and reads on her Kindle.

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Michele writes several different Paranormal Romance series. I’m going to focus on the Broken Heart vampires, but make sure to check out her other titles on Http://michelebardsley.com .

Because there are so many in this series, I’m going to introduce you to the first and last ones, with links (in reading order) for the others.

I’m the Vampire, That’s Why (Broken Heart Book 1)


Broken Heart is the city with the highest rate of divorce and highest percentage of single parents in Oklahoma. And I, Jessica Matthews, have been a member of that club ever since my husband dumped me for his twentysomething secretary and then had the gall to die in a car accident.

Now I’m not just a single mother trying to make ends meet in this crazy world….I’m also a vampire. One minute I was taking out the garbage; the next I awoke sucking on the thigh of superhot vampire Patrick O’Halloran, who’d generously offered his femoral artery to save me.

But though my stretch marks have disappeared and my vision has improved, I can’t rest until the thing that did this to me is caught. My kids’ future is at stake…figuratively and literally. As is my sex life. Although I wouldn’t mind finding myself attached to Patrick’s juicy thigh again, I learned that once a vampire does the dirty deed, it hitches her to the object of her affection for at least one hundred years. I just don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of commitment….

Get it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0084BG7U4/

Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire (Broken Heart Book 2)
Because Your Vampire Said So (Broken Heart Book 3)
Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (Broken Heart Book 4)
Over My Dead Body (Broken Heart Book 5)
Come Hell or High Water: A Broken Heart Novel
Cross Your Heart: A Broken Heart Novel
Must Love Lycans: A Broken Heart Novel
Only Lycans Need Apply: A Broken Heart Novel
Some Lycan Hot (Broken Heart Book 11)

11046699_791443817635692_6531830882123606777_nYou’ll Understand When You’re Dead (Broken Heart Book 12)

When vampire Natalie Haltom starts receiving an influx of ghost suitors, she can’t seem to escape their amorous attentions. And with a ghost cow chasing her everywhere in town, she’s having the worst week ever.

Vedere psychic Matthew Dennison has moved to Broken Heart to escape the Vedere legacy and to start a new life as a psychic for the vampire queen. He manages to rescue Natalie from a persistent date-happy spirit by announcing his engagement to the beautiful vampire.

Just another day in Broken Heart with lonely ghosts, zombie dance-offs, spellcasting teenagers, wedding-planning fae, Little People fertility rituals, and maybe, just maybe, a vampire and psychic finding forever love.

Get it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Youll-Understand-Youre-Broken-Heart-ebook/dp/B00UJXBAK2/

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