Cover Reveal: Bound by RM Gilmore

Bound Promo Image

The torment has just begun.

Dylan Hart book five slings us to the forefront of evil…

and didn’t even bring beer. 

Don’t miss this…we’re coming to an end.

Bound ~ Dylan Hart 5

Coming late 2015!

Bound Cover

“My stalky, fat little legs carried me through the space of 

infinite blackness and fog. Screams filled the air around me.

Screams of torment, pain. As if I had traveled to hell itself.

There was a good chance I had.” – Dylan Hart

The Scene cover Endless Night cover Sacrifice cover Forsaken cover

Dylan Hart logo

Click the cover to read the entire first chapter!


Grab your copy now and get started on the series that proves anyone can be the hero. 

Even the snarky fat chick!


RM Gilmore logo

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