Review: Taken by Desire by Valerie Twombly

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Greydon has two important missions: Find his brothers and rescue his people. His duty becomes complicated when he’s forced to beg a human to save his life.

Aimee Jarvis always considered her bookstore a detour to bigger things. Little did she realize her next stop would be the intriguing world of a demon prince. Yet, she finds the dangerous Greydon alluring.

While their attraction continues to burn, they both deny what their hearts already know. It will take the mystery of an ancient civilization and a shocking discovery for them to admit their desire.


This is the first book in Val’s new Demon Desires Series. Now, if you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I think Valerie is the shit. This author has wowed me from the first book and she keeps producing amazing work so every time one of her books hits my Kindle, I fangirl like a twelve-year-old at a One Direction concert.

Having followed her Guardians series–which features vampires, dragons, and various species of demons–I wondered how this new series, centered on just demons, would work. Would there be connections to her other world? Would it be too much like the others to really pass as a separate series? Well, I am happy to report that the answer to both of those is. no.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some similarities. You still get the sexy, strong, stubborn, alpha males… I mean just look at that cover! You also get a female that kinda gets thrown into the craziness and has to figure out how to navigate a different world. And you get a war between two races that is spilling over and effecting mankind. These components are your basic PNR fare and can be found in almost any book from the genre so the fact they appear in both series didn’t even register as I was reading. The mythos for the story was different from the Guardians (and from any other series I’ve read involving anything about Atlantis), so while I was reading I didn’t relate the story to anything else I’d read. I simply enjoyed a wonderful new world created by one of my favorite authors.

I’ve probably said this before, but Valerie manages to create wonderfully vivid worlds and unique characters that manage to suck you in and not let go. This one was no different. Valerie brings the magic and majesty of Atlantis to life and gives the reader a great cast of characters to fall in love with.

From the very beginning, I was drawn to Greydon. Yeah, he’s an alpha and a prince but instead of an asshole or hero complex, he has a fierce loyalty to his family and his people which I find commendable. Nothing is more important than those he loves, not himself or even the goddess he serves.

Aimee is the type of girl that doesn’t get too rattled. She ends up in a bizarre situation but she manages to keep her head and go through things logically. One of my favorite things about authors like Val is that their female break the TSTL stereotype–I despise weak female characters and dread reading about shrinking violets and damsels in distress that require a man to save them. Aimee’s smart and resourceful and she doesn’t back down from a challenge. She has her stubborn side too which makes things interesting for the male characters that wish to protect her.

Fang is probably my favorite though. He is crude at times and a bit of a smart-ass–which is why I absolutely love him–but he is also remarkably loyal and possesses not only great strength but the drive to do what it takes despite his own circumstances. I am hoping that his story will be the next one because I can’t wait to see this demon in action!

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m giving this one a perfect 10 and I will be waiting impatiently for the next installment.


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. 🙂


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