Review: Ascension by R.M. Gilmore


Trying to put Havana, Arkansas behind her, Lynnie is becoming a woman and learning to be the beast that dwells inside her. When old friends come back, she must decide where she belongs in the world, and learns that letting go is harder than it seems.

With Puck as her ally, Lynnie braves the world and becomes what she was always intended to be: vengeance. Yearning for acceptance, she does the unthinkable, traveling farther than she ever imagined and into dangers she never expected.

In the final piece to her story, Lynnie discovers just what it means to be Cu Sidhe.


Gilmore continues to impress me with stories that are unlike any other. The last chapter of Lynnie Russel’s story was not what I expected but Gilmore did a wonderful job wrapping up this amazing story.

In this one, Lynnie learns even more about her fae nature and those she puts her faith in. She has to accept her fate which means she must learn to let go of the pain of her past and move forward with her life. Will she be able to do it?

I love coming across stories that incorporate supernatural creatures you don’t hear much about. While I have read many books with fae, the Cu Sidhe isn’t one I’ve encountered before. I find the legend fascinating and I love the way Gilmore used it in these books, expanding on it and making it her own, it is one of the reasons I adore her books.

Another thing I absolutely love about this author’s work is the way the books depict heroines that break the mold. They aren’t your typical female roles-they are often strong willed and not as likely to give in to the fantasy of love. I’m not saying they lack the weaknesses that usually causes problems in that department, but their faults tend to be more realistic. They have natural, human qualities that keep you guessing as to what will happen next. You don’t have those ‘horror movie-what the hell are you doing?’ moments. The actions, regardless of outcome seem logical at the time. When things go wrong, there may be a period of sorrow or self doubt but in the end, they are going to find the strength they need to make things right.

Of course, I have to give this one a 10 because of its originality, unpredictability, and for the author’s ability to write a great story that doesn’t fit the mold.


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