Release Blitz: Closer by Kaia Bennett

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by: Kaia Bennett
Loose Ends #2
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Interracial, Romance

Closer cover


After a whirlwind week of hot sex and growing affection, Nicole and Gabriel were forced to part ways and to return to real life. For a while they danced around each other, meeting up when they could, the distance between them rivaled only by their desire to be together again.

Now these lovers are no longer star-crossed. They’re in the same city at the same time and can finally indulge their insatiable passion. At least until Gabriel’s increasingly popular band goes on tour.

But the ticking clock of his budding music career isn’t the only obstacle to contend with. A blast from Gabriel’s wild past, a guy that kept Nicole warm in Gabriel’s absence, and fear of what the future holds all converge just as they’ve begun to realize this might be love…

Author’s Note: This book contains strong language and sexual content with dark elements, some of which readers may find uncomfortable.

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Chapter 1

It was around three o’clock in the morning when Nicole heard her phone ring. She tried to block out the noise by throwing her pillow over her head, ignoring that niggling voice of common sense that said a phone call this late could be about something important.

A gruff masculine voice next to her said, “Nicole, get the… who the fuck could be calling… ?”

She heard a deep sigh, felt the bed shift and a warm body stretch across her back.
“Hello?” he grumbled. There was silence for a long moment, then a huff. “Yeah, hold on a minute. Nicole?” He shoved her shoulder twice. “Nicole, wake up. It’s for you.”

His next words brought her into full consciousness. “Some dude named Gabriel. Says it’s important.”

Nicole peeked out from underneath the pillow so fast Travis blinked in sleepy surprise from under his mussed black hair. She wiped a hand over her face, pushing her hair out of her eyes, and sat up on her elbows to take the phone. She was embarrassed by how anxious she must appear, which was reflected in the look Travis gave her as he handed her the receiver. What if something horrible had happened? Gabriel wasn’t known for calling her in the middle of the night for something unimportant. That’s what emails and texts were for.

“Gabe?” she blurted. “Is everything okay?”

“Hey, Nicole! I’m so sorry I’m calling this late!” he yelled. She immediately sat upright her, heart pounding in her chest. Gabriel’s voice always had that effect on her.

“No, Gabriel, it’s fine, but what’s going on? Did something bad happen?”

“No, no! Nothing like that, sweetheart,” he said in that deep, raspy voice, and the familiar term of endearment sent a rush of warmth over her skin. “It’s all good news, but I couldn’t wait to tell you till tomorrow.”

About a year and a half had gone by since that incredible, sex-filled week when she visited her sister and he caught her masturbating on his bed. In that time she’d graduated college, moved from Austin, Texas to New York to be closer to her sister Jackie, and gotten a job. But when it came to him, nothing had changed. She was still the girl who found herself getting wet at just the sound of his raspy voice, the girl who had yet to find a man that measured up to him.

They’d managed to keep in touch, even after he moved out of her sister’s place to start really pursuing a music career full time. He’d set his sights on traveling and touring, which he and his band Fool the World had really started to do just a few months before she finished her last year of college. When they could – when he and his band were playing a gig she could make, or when he was in town for a while – they would get together and see just how much their bodies were still in sync. But the reality was they were on two separate paths and a real relationship wasn’t going to work. They’d never talked about it in too much depth, since technically they were never a real couple. But they both agreed it was the right decision to keep things from getting too heavy.

That didn’t mean it hurt any less for her.

It had been months since they’d been in the same city, let alone gotten to spend time with each other. Moments like this were what she had to hold onto now instead of him.

There was commotion on the other line and she could hear him walking, the sound of wind whooshing through the phone. She started to say something but was distracted by the lamp on at the other side of the bed flooding the room with warm light. She turned around quickly to find Travis, who was truly nothing more than a friend with benefits, staring at her with those dark blue
eyes. He looked between her and the clock as if to say, Who the fuck is Gabriel? And why is he calling at three o’clock in the morning?

“Hold on a sec, Gabe, I gotta go in the other room.” Nicole threw Travis an apologetic look, covered the phone with her hand and whispered, “He’s a really good friend, I’m sorry, it won’t take long, so you can go back to sleep.”

The look on Travis’ face made her think his mind must be channeling Biz Markie’s song “Just A Friend”. Well… Gabe was just a friend. A very, very good friend with exceptional benefits.

She made sure Travis couldn’t see or hear her, then she sighed and rolled her eyes as she padded into the living room. He was sweet, fun to catch a movie or have a beer with. They had an understanding and she enjoyed spending time with him, but it never once occurred to her they could be anything but the occasional distraction to each other.

“Hey, sorry about that,” she said stifling a yawn and rubbing at her eyes.

“Did I interrupt… you know, you and the guy that picked up the phone?” She heard him clear his throat on the other end. One of his few nervous ticks.

She nibbled at her lip and spared a glance over her shoulder, as if she expected to see Travis standing there watching her. The golden lamplight from her room was shining into the hallway, but that was the only indication he was still awake and possibly listening to her.

“Um… yeah, I mean, no. We were asleep but… it’s okay. What’s going on?”

She heard silence for a moment, and then, “I’m sorry I… sorry I woke you guys up. I wasn’t even thinking straight. Typical, right? But I wanted to—”

There was the sound of loud voices cheering in the background that muffled out part of his statement and made him laugh. The sound sent an involuntary shiver through her body, as if she had recorded his laugh into the very marrow of her bones.

“Sounds like you had a great show. Are you celebrating or something?” she asked with a weary laugh. Rising into the foreground of all the commotion was the sound of Jonny Beckett’s voice, who was the lead singer, along with some girls that were giggling like giggles were going out of style.

“Yeah, we are,” he said, the excitement in his voice returning full force. “A music exec for Phantom Records saw us play again tonight. He said he was feelin’ our music and he wants to meet with us at the end of the week. Do you know what that means?!”

She couldn’t speak, her brain was having trouble functioning. Phantom was an indie label a lot of their favorite bands were on. She used to lie against him in bed after he moved out of Jackie’s, listening to the music of bands that Phantom execs had gone to see one night and plucked out of obscurity. Was he talking about a record contract, a chance to be one of those success stories?

“Are you saying…?”

“He wants to sign us, Nic! We meet him and the heads of the label this Thursday and if everything goes the way it’s supposed to with the contract—”

Even before she could speak her face was breaking into an exuberant smile. “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me!?”

“Nah, sweetheart! Fool the World is gonna have a fucking record deal!”

“Oh my God! Oh my God!!” she screamed into the phone, jumping up and down, squealing and listening to the sound of his laughter on the other end, completely oblivious to anything else in the world.

“Look, I know it’s late and all, and I’m sorry, but I couldn’t wait to tell you. Just couldn’t wait.” The soft edge in his voice, made her heartbeat stutter in her chest. “You were the first
person I thought of – well you and Jackie and Ian, but she would’ve kicked my ass if I called her this late,” he quipped with a chuckle.

She wished she could wrap her arms around him and show him just how happy she was for him. She wished she could say something more eloquent than ‘Oh my God’. She wished she could hear his voice because his lips were by her ear, instead of through the receiver of a phone. She wished she could taste his mouth, his neck, his chest, lick and nibble her way down those twin tribal tattoos on his sides…

She hated going down that line of thought. It was bad enough she still fantasized about him, but to know it wasn’t meant to be and she still felt as strongly as ever killed her. She wished she could just forget him sometimes, that Travis or someone else could be enough. But just when she started getting used to the idea that they weren’t going to be together, he would call, he would come into town, or she would listen to one of his songs and think of him. She would find herself transported back to the times they’d hooked up, and then back to that one glorious week when she’d had him all to herself, a secret tucked away. But it didn’t do any good to think about that kind of thing now. She forced herself to listen to him, to cheer him on as he talked about continuing to move on without her.

“I’m so ecstatic for you and the guys, Gabriel. You have no idea. I can’t wait till you get it down in writing so I can start bragging about how I know a bunch of rock stars. I’m going to have to tell all my friends. They’re gonna freak!”

He laughed, started to say something, and once again his words were blocked out by the background noise.

“Can’t even fucking hear myself think!” he grumbled good-naturedly. “Listen, we’re gonna be back in town in a couple days so we can get ready to meet with the label. If you’re not busy we could meet up,” he paused and again cleared his throat. “You can bring your boyfriend, unless you’ve got plans or some—”

“Oh, no, Travis isn’t my boyfriend,” she said quickly, wincing at the excitement in her voice and how she must have been loud enough for Travis to hear it. “We’re just… we’re just friends.” She wasn’t exactly sure how to explain why a male friend was lying in bed with her when he called, so she decided to hop right over that bit of awkwardness. “I’m not busy this week. I can see you whenever you get back and you can tell me everything.”

“Cool,” he said, and once again she found her body thrumming. It was rare that she got to see him, but when she did, she knew there was a good chance she would get to feel him inside of her again. “I’ll give you a call, we’ll go out and eat or something, really celebrate and catch up. Just the two of us.”

“Okay,” she managed to whisper, swallowing hard. She almost groaned at the prospect of spending an entire evening with him for the first time in months. “Congratulations, babe. I’m so, so proud of you.”

He yelled his thanks over the ruckus around him, laughing. “I’ll let you get some sleep. Night, Nicole.”

She smiled softly. “Night, Gabriel.”

She clicked the phone off, cradling it against the butterflies in her stomach and processing his voice, his great news, and the fact that in a few days she’d be able to show him just how happy she was for him. Then she heard a zipper and turned.

Travis was leaning against the doorjamb zipping up his jacket, then he reached down and grabbed his motorcycle helmet off the floor. She was going to ask him why he was leaving, if he was upset, but the look in his eyes made her not even bother. It was obvious he’d been listening to
her conversation. She didn’t blame him for not wanting to play second fiddle, for not being able to spend the night.

He was still sweet. He gave her a kiss and told her to call him whenever. But when he left she couldn’t help but feel a hollow sense of defeat. Travis was the kind of guy a girl was lucky to actually date, and here she was pining for a voice on the other end of the phone. A voice couldn’t keep her warm at night. A voice on the phone couldn’t hold her and make her feel safe and special, not in the way she wanted to feel.

But it wasn’t just anyone’s voice. It was Gabriel’s. That voice carried the memories of nights when he had kept her warm, when he’d made her feel like the sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world. She couldn’t let go of that. Not even when holding on caused her to watch a good guy’s back as he closed the door on what might have been.

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#1 Crush
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Synopsis: Nicole Langley’s #1 Crush has always been Gabriel Roberts, but settling for being a friendly acquaintance has had to be enough.

Gabriel has always seen Nicole as his good friend’s very pretty, but extremely off limits baby sister.

Then a hot summer day and an even hotter discovery pushes them over the lines of friendship, over the lines of unrequited desire, and into each other’s arms.

Will they indulge and move on? Or will this crush turn into something more, something deeper? Something that leaves loose ends begging to be tied…

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About Kaia Bennett

Kaia Bennett

Kaia Bennett is a native of New Jersey, a college graduate and U.S. Army veteran who loves music, movies, astrology, tattoos, martial arts, animals and, of course, the written word. She heard the siren call of the writer as a teenage girl, but took her sweet time answering it until she had lived and loved enough to share her work with the masses.

She is an erotic author who loves to write stories with diversity, depth, realism and viscerally hot encounters that flirt shamelessly with the taboo. A lover of all genres and a voracious reader, she aims to write stories that are transformative for her characters and readers alike.

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Cover Reveal: Reverb by Lisa Swallow






COVER ARTIST:  Najla Qamber at Najla Qamber Designs

IMAGE Stock Photo




Blue Phoenix drummer, Bryn Hughes, prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight. But that’s proving difficult when his life is complicated by three very different girls: 


Mia, the girl who doesn’t understand the word no. 

Avery, who wishes she’d said yes.

And his forever girl.

Add to this a secret that threatens to take decisions about the future out of Bryn’s hands, and Bryn’s reputation as the uncomplicated band member is over.

The world of Blue Phoenix is changing and Bryn is on the edge. Following a failed attempt to win back the girl he loved and lost as a teen, a broken-hearted Bryn returns to England and discovers heiress, Mia Jordan, has moved herself into his apartment while he was away. Life just got hard.

When Avery spills soup on a rock star at a wedding and suggests he removes his trousers, she doesn’t expect to see Bryn Hughes again unless he’s carrying a law suit.

So when Bryn gatecrashes an evening with her friends the following day, what he does stuns her.

Avery and Bryn begin an unlikely relationship but their growing closeness looks set to end. If Bryn’s heart still belongs to a different girl, and he’s about to tour with Blue Phoenix, a future together looks doubtful.

But when a secret explodes, the effects reverberate through every aspect of Bryn’s world and deciding where his heart belongs becomes the least of Bryn’s problems.
















Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, including the best-selling Blue Phoenix series. 

Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.









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Release Blitz: Becoming Lady Thomas by K. Webster


Author: K Webster
Series: Becoming Her, Book 1
Genres: Historical, Romance

BLT cover front


Elisabeth Merriweather has one destiny.

His name is William.

The moment William returns from university, he has promised to marry his childhood sweetheart, Elisabeth. Unfortunately, as he prepares to propose, they learn that her father has done the unthinkable. In an effort to save their farm, he has incurred an exuberant amount of gambling debts that he cannot ever repay and become involved with a man of incredible wealth and power.

His name is Lord Thomas.

When the debtor decides to pardon the debt in exchange for one simple favor, Elisabeth’s father wholeheartedly agrees. Lord Thomas, upon seeing the portrait of the three beautiful daughters, negotiates to marry the daughter of his choosing.

He chooses Elisabeth.

What happens when Elisabeth’s entire life plan is overturned by one simple deal with the devil and she’s whisked away to London as his prize?

Will her traitorous heart fall for Lord Thomas, or will it stay true to William?

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About K. Webster

K Webster2

I love my husband of 11 years and sweet kids. My passions include reading, writing, graphic design, and shopping! I absolutely love social media and the power of how it connects people all over the world. You can usually find me easily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!

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Just Desserts Author Reveal: Zara Cox and Renea Mason

JUST DESSERTS: A Collection of Bite-Sized Delights presented by

Just Desserts is a buffet of deliciously naughty stories. These delights are as diverse as the authors who write them. It is my pleasure to reveal two of the more than twenty contributing authors to Just Desserts-debut, new, multi-published, award-winning and bestselling authors. ENJOY TODAY’S SPECIAL!

Today, we feature two bestselling authors. Take a moment to get to know them.


Indigo Velvet by Zara Cox

A stand-alone erotic short story from the The Indigo Lounge Series

Erotic Romance

#indigolounge, #sevennightssevenhighs, #indigovelvet

Reader, I married her.

She was broken when we met.

But then so was I.

We healed each other.

We’re crazy about each other.

But I’m quickly learning that love isn’t enough. To make it through each day, we’ll have to be consumed by each other.

Get to know Zara

Zara Cox has been writing since she was thirteen years old, but it wasn’t until seven years ago that she decided to share her love of writing sexy, gritty stories with anyone besides her close family (the over 18s anyway!). Her best-selling Indigo Lounge Series is Zara’s first step in her erotic romance-writing journey. In 2015 she hopes to bring her readers even more sizzling-hot stories featuring panty-melting alpha heroes and the women who rock their world. She’s also working on an entirely new super-hot series, so watch this space and keep in touch! She’d love to hear your thoughts.

This sexiest food is:

Cake. Because cake is sexy!

Five things you’d be surprised to know about me:

1. I was once in a plane that was forced to land by fighter jets.
2. I hate oysters.
3. In my next life I want to be an actress.
4. I went through a tomboy phase as a teenager, and at one point I owned 15 pairs of jeans.
5. I can eat nothing but cake for the rest of my life!

The sexiest place in the world is:

Bora Bora

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Tasting Paris by Renea Mason

Stand-alone Erotic Short-Story from The Good Doctor Trilogy
Erotic Romance

#ménage, #sexy, #medicalromance, #kinky, #paris, #Romance, #Steamy

When Elaine complains to Dr. Vincent, Sebastian and Marco that she missed out on all the points of interest in Paris on her last trip, the trio brings Paris to her, in the doctor’s New York penthouse.

Get to know Renea

Award-winning author, Renea Mason, writes paranormal and contemporary erotic romances
When she isn’t putting pen to paper crafting sensual stories filled with supernatural lovers, she spends time with her beyond-supportive husband, two wonderful sons and two loving but needy cats.

The sexiest food is:


Five things you’d be surprised to know about me:

1. I love to eat tomato paste from the can.

2. I was once a member of a live-action role-playing group.

3. I hate avocados.

4. I studied voice in music school.

5. I actually like driving.

Sexiest place on earth is:

My husband’s pants. 🙂

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Other Works by Renea – Click cover to see listing


Tour Stop: The Salvation of Vengeance

The Salvation of Vengeance Tour Banner

The Salvation of Vengeance
by: Nancy Haviland
Wanted Men #2
Publication Date: March 24, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Organized Crime, Romance

The Salvation of Vengenace Cover

Synopsis: Only something as important as her best friend’s wedding to mob boss Gabriel Moretti could allow Nika Paynne a reprieve from captivity. Her abusive husband has kept her under his thumb with footage of her beloved brother, Caleb, killing another man. But the respite from her violent life isn’t the only draw. Vincente Romani—Gabriel’s deadliest guardian—will be one of the best men at the wedding, and Nika has lingering thoughts about the fascinating mobster…covetous thoughts that may put her life in danger.

With the heartbreak he’s suffered and the brutality he effortlessly delivers, Vincente knows he’s the last person who can offer Nika a happily-ever-after. But his vow remains. He will do everything in his power to free his redhead from her violent prison—even if that means losing her forever.

In the second thrilling and passionate Wanted Men book, a dangerous line is drawn between loyalty to the mob and loyalty to one’s heart.



 Teaser 1 Teaser 2

Excerpt #1

Vincente didn’t pay much attention to the griping. The cops were always somewhere in the background. What was news about that? He was more concerned with reminding himself that this woman in front of him was married to some fucknut and Vincente led a shitty life and had nothing to offer her. She was Caleb’s little sister, for fuck’s sake, and the guy was standing right there!

And none of it fucking mattered at all. He still wanted to be wrapped around the redhead’s long, curvy body for a week straight. And given one sliver of a chance, he knew he’d take her. No. Matter. What.

The knowledge was . . . Well, he wouldn’t say shocking. Because he’d always pretty much lived by his own rules, taking what he wanted when he wanted it. But he’d never done so without first making sure any collateral damage was minimal. In this case, it wouldn’t be. And he didn’t care enough about that fact. That was unacceptable. He usually held himself to a higher standard than that. His mother and sister would be ashamed. He had to keep his distance from her.

He blinked when Nika stiffened. Noticed because she was all he was aware of. She took that step back that he should have taken a few minutes ago, blinking rapidly, her flawless skin paling.

Her voice came out just a whisper. “I’m going inside. You coming?”

I wish.

She turned without waiting to see if Caleb, to whom the question had been directed, followed and then disappeared back into the house.

Teaser 3Teaser 4

Excerpt #2

She pulled away from Vincente and did a ta-da motion with her arms that had all three of them—fucking Alesio looked a little too closely—peering down at the black tights and silky black shirt she wore, the neckline of which was so wide that it had slipped off one shoulder.

Her arms fell to her sides, and she seemed to lose her small burst of energy. “S’not as fun as I thought’d it’d be, though,” she grumped as she came to his side again. “Can’t do much. Not even play with someone like Vincente here, ’cause he doesn’t like me.”

He ground his molars to dust, while ignoring Alesio and Vito’s interested looks. He slipped his arm around her waist. “Come on, Red. Let’s get you home.”

She continued like he hadn’t spoken. “What’s your name?” she asked Vito.

“I’m Vito.”

She laughed, the sound musical and lovely. “Of course you are. And you?” she turned to G’s cousin. Vincente glared at him, the thread that was his control stretching.


Nika gasped, her widening eyes making her look like a guileless porn fantasy come to life. “You’re Gabriel’s Alesio? Oh, my God!” She launched herself at the handsome little shit, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on the cheek—more like the corner of his very shocked mouth. “You helped save Eva! Thank you! You’re officially my new hero. Maybe we can get together one day and you can tell me what went down in that cabin. Eva won’t talk to me about it ’cause she’s afraid the bad stuff will tip me over this edge they seem to think I’m on . . .”

As she continued, babbling about how silly and adorable Eva’s protective instincts were, Vincente stared. At her. In another man’s arms. Her fingers absently playing with the hair at Alesio’s nape. Her body pressed against his. Her beautiful lips—which had now tasted Gabriel’s cousin!—mere inches from possibly doing so again. Her undivided attention on the handsome face that belonged to a guy closer to her own age than Vincente was.

This would eventually be his reality. Seeing her like this with someone else.

Alesio’s hands were up and out, in a pose of total surrender. His head jerkily shaking back and forth as though saying, “Wasn’t me. I didn’t do nothin’.”

The weakened thread holding Vincente’s control snapped with a dangerous twang, and without being conscious of it, his body took over. He reached out and clamped his fingers around Nika’s upper arm to pull her off the enemy—who was so lucky they were standing in the middle of a crowded club. He spun her around to face him, pulling her in until their noses were brushing against each other.

“Do not. Ever. Throw yourself into another man’s arms in front of me again. Do you understand me?” His voice sounded as if it had been dredged from the very pits of hell, his expression feeling like one he’d stolen from Lucifer himself.

And Nika, oblivious to the ominous cloud hanging like a pall around them, patted his cheek with her soft palm and smiled up at him. “Sure. Sure.” She turned back to the boys, or as much as she could because Vincente didn’t let her go. “It was nice to meet you guys. I guess I’ll see you again when I visit Eva. Ready?” she asked him.

Striving for calm, he slid his hand down to her hip and tucked her closer to his side. She came as easily as if they’d been doing this for years.

Yeah. Years—if he were to give in and take her as he was so tempted to do—that would wear on her. Steal her independence by nailing her to his side, giving her nothing but a front-row-center to an endless string of possibly violent, dangerous days she didn’t need or deserve. Maybe even get her killed in a wrong-time-wrong-place thing like the car bomb that had taken his mother’s life. All the while she would be shackled to a man with no heart or soul left to speak of.

That wasn’t what he wanted for Nika.

He curled his free hand into a tight fist and punched it into Vito’s thick chest and then flipped Alesio off, not wanting him to feel left out.

“Later, boys.”

Teaser 5Teaser 6

Excerpt #3

Vincente let himself back into the apartment, the reason he’d finally up and left in the first place held firmly in his right hand. Fan Boy smiled happily as he peered around for his redhead.

He’d finally dragged himself out of bed—hadn’t lingered between the sheets until noon in years—showered, and then walked out the door and down the block. He’d done his business as quickly as he could, pausing on his way back into the building to look suspiciously at two suits poking around the alley across the street. He’d left them to it because he hated to leave his target unprotected any longer than he already had—Alesio and Vito weren’t due back for another hour. And, yes, he was going to attempt to see Fan Boy’s redhead as nothing more than a target once again.

His recent purchase proved him a failure, but he didn’t give a fuck.

Holding his fist at his side, lest he give himself a punch to the side of the head, he tiptoed—tiptoed!—into the main room just as the bathroom door opened. He froze midstep, his knees almost buckling when he saw Nika pad out, a small towel wrapped around her obviously very naked, freshly showered body, dark, snaky ropes of her hair falling almost to her waist.

Holy fucking heaven on a killer pair of legs.

Fan Boy’s eyes rolled back in his head before he landed with his feet in the air. He jerked once before becoming still.

Nika must have heard the helpless sound that rumbled from Vincente’s chest because her head snapped up, causing her to wince at the fast motion.

“Shit, Vincente,” she gasped, rubbing her temple with her fingers. “I swear I’m going to buy you a bell to wear around your . . .” She trailed off, her chest practically glowing as a beautiful flush ran up from the edge of the towel, suffusing her neck and then putting some color into her pale cheeks.

Yeah, Red. Your body is hidden from me by nothing more than a large facecloth.

She inched toward the bedroom and threw a breathless “Lemme get dressed” over her shoulder before closing the door.

He didn’t want her dressed. He wanted her bared. Laid out before him, her entire body flushed and ready. He wanted to feast on her, gorge himself, until they were both too exhausted to do much more than breathe.

Wasn’t gonna happen.

The sound of the knob rattling had him streaking into the kitchen. Like he really needed to be caught still standing there daydreaming about the many ways he wanted to have her.

He grabbed the sugar bowl and had made it to the sofa when she entered, bringing with her a fresh blast of oranges and jasmine. Frickin’ hell. The scent slapped him silly as he plunked her coffee and the sweet stuff down on the coffee table.

Her softly indrawn breath made him want to punch something.

“You . . . got me . . . a latte?”

Vincente ground his teeth when her voice broke at the end. “Yeah, don’t get all excited. It’s just coffee,” he said roughly as he turned and, practically raising his hand to his temple as a blinder so he wouldn’t be able to see her, headed back to the kitchen. He hastily grabbed his gun from behind the toaster where he’d stashed it the night before; another had spent its time on the nightstand—

What. The hell. Is that sound.

He placed the SIG beside a bowl of grapes on the counter and slowly turned, a sinking feeling in his gut. His jaw still hit the dirt when he saw Nika sitting on the sofa, bent over, hands swiping over her cheeks as she tried to hide the evidence of her tears. He went over and was on his knees in front of her before he even realized he’d moved.

“Hey, hey,” he soothed as he pulled her into his chest. “What’s this? Why are you crying? Did they give me tea by mistake?” His voice came out weak as he attempted to throw out some humor. He never could stand when a woman cried. It always reminded him of the one time he’d seen Sophia break down, crying hysterically because some boy had two-timed her with a girl she hadn’t gotten along with. That had been only weeks before she’d disappeared.

He shoved the thought off and distracted himself by acknowledging how wildly good Nika felt in his arms. Warm—hot—fragrant. She shook her head and sniffled. So fucking adorable.

“Sorry. God, I’m such an idiot. You just caught me off guard. You’re so . . . sweet. I—I guess it just surprised me.” Her hands touched his shoulders, her palms searing him through his T-shirt, as she drew back. She wiped at her face while his heart bled for her, even as his body burned to ash. To get emotional at a kindness as simple as someone bringing her a hot beverage? “Sorry,” she repeated, taking a deep breath. “I’m just stressed, I guess. Thank you. For the latte.”

Vincente’s eyes landed on his hands. “S’okay,” he said distractedly as he took in the differences between them. Even though she was tall for a woman, she was überfeminine and so damned delicate. His heavy hands looked monstrous where they’d settled on the outsides of her slender thighs. She’d put on a pair of low-slung jeans—

Stand the fuck up and get the hell away from her!

He shifted his palms so that they rested on the tops of her legs, which brought his thumbs down between them. And didn’t the dirty bastards begin a slow caress, swiping lightly back and forth.

A small catch in Nika’s breath had him slowly raising his eyes.

Okay, look, she’s good. Not crying anymore, see? Now get up and get away.

He didn’t. He stayed right the hell where he was. Because she might not be crying, but those bright-green orbs were indeed glittering with curiosity and a yearning so irresistible, so hot and welcoming, Vincente actually felt himself falling. His gaze dropped to her mouth. Just a taste. Like the one he’d had in Seattle. He needed that. Badly.

Shit, V. No! You’re not going to soil this woman, who’s already been to hell and back, by using her because you can’t control yourself.

He stilled his movements. Fuck. Of course he wasn’t. What the hell was he thinking? He’d kiss her, and then what? Say, “Thanks, just wanted to see if you still had the ability to blow my mind”? No. Of course not.

His muscles tensed to move away.

Nika’s legs slowly parted. Just enough for him to actually feel a light rush of heat over his fingers, and his brain oozed and . . . and . . . he forgot . . . everything.

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About Nancy Haviland

Nancy Haviland

Nancy Haviland writes about her alpha mobsters and their ladies from her home near Toronto, Ontario. She has three children, an arrogant but playful kitty named Talbot, and she adores her Tim Horton’s coffee, as any self-respecting Canadian would. She writes contemporary romantic suspense but will happily read anything that involves two people smooching.

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Cover Reveal: Between Dreams by Cynthia Austin

Between Dreams CR Banner

Between Dreams
by Cynthia Austin
The Pendant Series #1
Publication Date: April 28, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

Between Dreams Cover


Sidney Sinclair was living the dream of any eighteen year-old girl…

A handsome rock star boyfriend, a closet full of designer clothes, a limousine service at her beck and call, and a mansion in the hills of Los Angeles.

Even will all of that glamour and excitement at her fingertips, she still feels as if she’s been missing something in her life so she decides to leave.

While trying her best to put her dysfunctional romantic relationship aside and tend to her beloved Granny, Sidney unexpectedly stumbles upon an intriguing emerald pendant boxed away in her grandmother’s closet.

Soon she learns it once belonged to her long-lost mother who committed suicide when she was just a baby. Suddenly feeling emotionally connected to the woman who had birthed her, Sidney begins to wear the necklace.

This sends her on a whirlwind journey that alternates between fantasy and reality…

Almost immediately, she starts having dreams linked to the mysterious pendant. As danger begins to seep into her life, Sidney refuses to remove the necklace and instead documents each dream to help her further understand them. However, she soon begins to wonder if they are dreams meant to bond her to a mother who she never knew?

Or a subconscious warning that threatens her very life?

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About Cynthia Austin

Cynthia Austin

Cynthia Austin lives in Northern California with her
husband, two boys, and Olde English Bulldogge named Count Dogula. They love all things horror, gothic, and Victorian which prompts her friends to dub them as “The Adams Family.”

She is an avid reader who may be slightly obsessed with music. She hears music in a way that she believes the artist intended it to be heard: visually, with a storyline that follows. Listening to the songs by her favorite artists, she was inspired to write her first series titled “The Pendant.”

Cynthia has been published twice in The Writer’s Monthly Magazine as well as the online news site, Yahoo! Voices. She currently attends Diablo Valley College, in Pleasant Hill, California, where she is working to achieve her degree in English.

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