Guest Post: Valerie Twombly

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In case you didn’t see the earlier post, Valerie Twombly recently released the third book in her Guardians series, Primal Hunger. This installment focuses on the story of Seth. He is the first of the guardians created by Zarek and he has a tale that is sure to keep you spellbound.

The author of this amazing book is here today to share a little bit about what it took for her to share Seth’s story with the world.

Valerie Twombly

Thanks for having me today! I wanted to talk a little bit about letting go of your book. I’ve seen several other authors in the romance industry talk about how difficult it was to end their story and turn it in to their publisher. While I have six books now under my belt, I hadn’t experienced what they were referring to. Until Primal Hunger.

Seth is a character that really left me emotional at the end. I had to do some digging to get inside his head and what I found pulled at my heartstrings. If a man can be both strong and broken then that’s exactly what he was. For him to open up like he did was very difficult.

There were times when I listened to what I consider dark music to help find the right mood to write some of his scenes. Granted, I’ve read other characters that had a tougher time than he did, but he was my first. I guess it’s kind of like being a virgin, lol. As my deadline drew closer, I began to panic. I rewrote scenes and reread them over and over. When I finally handed it off to my editor, I felt lost. I will admit I cried a little because I hated to let him go. We had a bond, and I worried that I didn’t do his story justice.

In reflection, I am pretty sure his story would have never been perfect in my eyes. Then again, what story ever is? I can only let go and move on and say that I did the best that I could. Now he is in the hands of the readers and I hope you love him as much as I. Something tells me this won’t be the last that we see of him.

Happy reading!

If you’d like to learn more about Valerie and her books you can find her at any of the following links.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google+ | Pinterest | Tsu

Book Trailers:

Eternal Flame, Guardians #1

Fatal Desire, Guardians #2

Primal Hunger, Guardians #3

You can check the Primal Hunger tour post for buy links or you can find any of Valerie’s other books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, or search for Valerie Twombly on Resplendence Publishing or All Romance

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