Blog Tour: Josey’s Christmas Cookie by Sharon Kleve

5.0 out of 5 stars A Lovable Story!
By Debby Lee

I loved this heartwarming Christmas story.

Josey was a workaholic who spent all her spare time at the office in order to cope with the tragic loss of her parents and being jilted by her fiance. I really felt for her.

Clint was a handsome veterinarian Josey met at an animal rescue event who helped her buy a large slobbering dog named Cookie. Clint handled the animals with professionalism, sincerity, and great care.

The two Morning Dove’s in the story, Harry and Beatrice, were desperate to see Josey and Clint get together in time for Christmas.

If you enjoy sweet plots, whimsical animal themes, and stories that make you go “aaawww” this one’s for you.

Highly entertaining, highly recommended!



In the blink of an eye, Josey lost the most important people in her life, her parents.
Can a hound dog named Cookie, a pair of mourning doves, and a passionate vet bring the holiday spirit back to Josey’s life in time for Christmas?
As I stared at the pathetic dog in his diaper, I realized no one wanted the dog, they were just gawking at him. The sign said his name was Cookie, part Basset Hound and part Redbone Coonhound. I didn’t know anything about either breed. I
did know he was very large and he was slobbering everywhere and he should have a diaper around his neck. I turned to continue my search and a felt a tug on my pant leg. I looked down and Cookie had a hold of my jeans. When our eyes met, Cookie’s eyes twinkled, just like Clint’s.
A glob of drool hit the top of my shoe. He let go of my pant leg and licked the goo off my shoe. I wanted to say, “gross,” but instead I said, “thank you.” I was hooked. His fur was a reddish brown and soft as silk. Not caring about drool or dog hair, I sat down on the floor next to Cookie, wrapped my arms around his neck, and finally felt at peace. 
Another glob of drool hit the floor next to my butt. He looked sad, like that was a deal breaker and I’d leave him behind. I looked Cookie in his sad eyes and laughed. He pulled back his goofy lips and smiled back.
 That’s when I heard Clint’s voice, “Well Josey, it looks like you found your soul mate.”
He laughed, but not at my expense. 



Sharon Kleve was born and raised in Washington and currently lives on the Olympic Peninsula with her husband.

Sharon is a multi-published author of paranormal and contemporary romance. She loves romance. She loves reading romance, living romance, and especially loves writing about romance. She gets no greater feeling than watching her characters come alive in each other’s arms. Most of all, she loves giving her characters the happily ever after they deservewith a few bumps and bruises along the way.

One of her favorite things to do is picking up a new book and sinking into the story, immersing herself in the emotions between the characters. She hopes to inspire her readers the same way her favorite authors have inspired her.

When not writing, she can usually be found either curled up in her recliner with her cat and a good book, or in the kitchen baking sourdough bread or bagels.




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Release Day Blitz: Unexpecting by Cynthia St. Aubin


When who’s your daddy is a multiple choice question…

Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt is one client away from fa-la-la-la-losing it. Holiday cheer is in the air, gun-toting fruitcakes are in her office, and she’s spinning through mood swings fast enough to make her toss her cookies–even without the morning sickness.

When Ol’ Kris Kringle goes AWOL after a nervous breakdown, his disgruntled elf is convinced that only Matilda can get him back on his sleigh in time to keep humans from tearing each other apart quicker than couponeers at a Black Friday sale.

But their efforts hit the skids when the men in Matilda’s life show up and demand to know which of them is responsible for the bun in her oven: the hot hit man who’s likely to stuff her stocking with ammunition, or the delicious demigod who’s made Santa’s naughty list a couple centuries running.






I like gravy.

This has nothing to do with the rest of my bio, but I thought you ought to know.

About the writing thing…

I wrote my first play when I was six and made my brothers perform it for my parents. I charged gum wrappers for admission (a steal, in my opinion, considering I had handed out the gum wrappers ahead of time). While I seriously doubt you’ll be seeing any of my formative work on Broadway anytime soon, I can credit these early experiments with the first of many important lessons I learned about writing: no matter how brilliant your manuscript is, some kid can go streaking butt-ass nekkid across the living room, and totally undermine your vision.

Everyone watches the naked kid because running across the living room with your cheeks flapping in the breeze is friggin’ hilarious.

Cue the lightbulb moment. People like funny stuff!

I never quite gave up on the writing thing, even as I tried my hand at being a dusty academic turned Executive Assistant (they paid me to nag! How cool is that?), but in those quiet moments when expense reports had been filed and to-do items checked off, the funny people in my head kept talking to me.

Yes, I know they have medication for that. It’s called vodka.

Since they discourage drinking at work, I started writing instead. What came out was an amalgamation (vocabulary!) of all the things I love: funny stuff, art, psychology, food, people, and paranormal critters!

Et voila! The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt, Paranormal Psychologist were born.

When I’m not sitting in my office watching cat videos and pretending to write, I like cooking, knitting (badly), and reading anything that makes me laugh (like my bank statements).

I live in Colorado with my brilliant husband and three surly cats.






Want to catch up on the rest of this Amazing Series?  Well here is your chance!

Book One Unlovable is Free!!

Unlovable –


Review: Forever Christmas


The four best-selling, sweet romance Christmas stories together for the first time.

The western Washington town of Glenville is threatened with the possible loss of their 100 year old Christmas tree farm to an outside corporation. Four friends join together to keep the tradition alive and create new opportunities with the rebirth of, Forever Christmas tree farm.

Christmas Reflections – Joanne Jaytanie
As a teenager Juliet Swanson couldn’t wait to get out of her home town of Glenville WA and move to the big city. She moved to California to attend college, and then went to work for a large corporation. It didn’t take her long to realize that clawing her way up the ladder at others expense wasn’t the life she wanted. She moved back to her home town, fallen in love with the ‘family feel’ of living there, and has a close knit group of girlfriends she shares everything with. Now if she could only find a way to make her dream career a reality she would have it all, except for Mr. Right.

Colton Weatherly is a city guy who eats and breaths his career as a project manager for a development corporation. He is assigned to acquire the Glenville Ski Resort, along with the Schwartz Christmas Tree Farm. By his estimation it will be an easy close, and he plans to wrap it up in one short weekend. What he didn’t plan on was butting heads with Juliet, who is not the average ‘local girl.’

Reflecting on one’s life can sometimes lead to discovering a path you never knew existed.

Christmas Kiss – Sharon Kleve
Adelaide Duval has been told how to live her life from a very early age. First by her mother and then by her jerk boyfriend Jason. Both leave her expectantly and now she’s starting over with a new home and a new business. A new romance never crosses her mind.

Roman Bennett leaves his old life behind in the big city and settles into the small town of Glenville. When he meets Adelaide, his wounded heart is healed with a Christmas Kiss.

The Christmas Wreath – Angela Ford
Annie Dixon’s love for nature and her hometown of Glenville has her driven to find a way to keep the tree farm from outsiders. When the bank grants sixty days before the tree farm is listed for public sale, Annie and her friends devise a plan to finance the buy.
The death of Annie’s childhood friend brings Detective Ryder Harris back to Glenville. A child in his eyes, he always called her ‘Sweet Annie’. Now he sees her differently. Annie never admitted she had a big crush for Ryder. Now that familiar flutter in her heart is back. Annie knows Ryder won’t settle in Glenville. And is Ryder really back for his sister’s funeral or is he connected to the town resort’s sudden disappearance of their manager?
For the first time in many years, Ryder is excited about the holidays. Will the magic of Christmas forever connect these two hearts?

Candy Cane Kisses – Elle Rush
All bakery-owner Lindsay Leeds wants for Christmas is for her former high-school crush Sheriff Keith “Bodey” Bodewell to quit playing games. The sheriff has been dancing around asking her out for months and Lindsay is tired of it. His “fake girlfriend” ploy was cute and it was sweet that he recruited her friends to find out what she likes, but enough is enough. She’s a busy woman and he needs to step up or he’s going to lose his shot.

How can a woman who runs two businesses be so clueless when it comes to managing her heart? Bodey has dropped more than enough hints that he’s interested, but Lindsay isn’t catching them. Just when the sheriff is running out of ideas on how he can convince her to be his for Christmas, Lindsay gives him a clue about what it will take for him to get a date. And the answer is pretty simple. At least, it was supposed to be. Christmas is days away and his plays keep failing on a spectacular level.

It’s going to take the jolly fat man to make this holiday romance happen.


I was given a copy of the first story to review back in November, and I really enjoyed it so I picked up the entire collection so I could find out more about the ladies that are determined to save Glenville’s historic tree farm.

I don’t know if you read the previous review but I read book one just as the town I live in was getting ready for its annual Christmas festival. Now, I live in an old town that is in a lot of ways very similar to Glenville- It is a place where everyone knows everyone and we do our best to support and protect what is ours. We also have a proud heritage that we fight hard to preserve so I can relate to the sentiment in the book. And that familiarity is one of the main draws for me. Overall- I think this is a good collection of stories for anyone looking for quick, sweet-romance, Yuletide reads. I would say that as a whole, I would give the collection an 8 out of 10. There are some editing (and formatting) issues which I am finding quite often with this publisher. A minor mistake can be easily overlooked but when they are more noticeable, they tend to interrupt the flow of the story and have a negative effect on the overall perception of the book… I would love to see these stories polished better before they are published. One of the things that helped the rating was the concept behind the stories and the collection as a whole- I believe that all of these stories have great potential and they could easily be expanded into full length novels.

Christmas Reflections-

This is one of those quick, uplifting reads that makes you believe in the good of humanity and the power of love.

I really like the characters in Christmas Reflections. Juliet is strong and determined. When the town is faced with the possible loss of a crucial landmark, she and her friends band together to not only save the tree farm, but to turn it into something more. Colton is smart and savvy, which is why he is sent in to acquire the holdings his company wants. But the longer he is in the town, the more he questions what he really wants. The town itself is like its own character, the people are warm and helpful. They band together any time they are needed giving a sense of not only community but also an embodiment of the spirit of Christmas making it a perfect place for a place called Forever Christmas.

Christmas Kiss-

This one pretty much picks up where the fist one left off and gives a little more insight to the dynamic of the group. Even though the story focuses on Adelaide, you get a better idea about the women trying to save the tree farm.

Again, I like the characters in this one. Adelaide hasn’t had the easiest go. Her mother and her ex managed to do a number on her self esteem and she finds it difficult to trust that she is more than the plain, inadequate girl they made her out to be. But she is determined to prove them wrong and make a happy life for herself. Roman has some baggage as well- physical scars from his previous employment and emotional ones from his last relationship- but he too is searching for the path to happiness.

I did find some of the story a little hard to believe… I don’t want to give spoilers so I’m going to be as general and vague as possible. There was a point that seemed like it should have caused conflict, but the whole thing was smoothed over with little effort. People don’t tend to be that reasonable when they think they have been wronged especially when the heart is involved. Other than that, I think it was a very sweet, enjoyable story.

The Christmas Wreath-

This one backtracks a bit. It tells the story of the sale and events from Annie’s point. This part of the story takes place at the same time as those in Book 1. The story emphasizes Annie’s passion for the town and her devotion to saving the tree farm.

Again, the characters are wonderfully done. Annie is smart, strong, opinionated and a bit bossy but she is also kind, considerate, and a true friend. Ryder grew up in Glenville but he has been gone so long, he feels like an outsider. He has to deal with the internal struggle between duty and love and decide just where his path lies.

This story adds some more intrigue to the series. It explains some of the mystery surrounding the issues with ski-resort which became a concern for the town at the same time the family that owned the tree farm announced they would be selling. I love it because the author not only gives us a story of the romance between Annie and Ryder but how they connect to the world around them.

Candy Cane Kisses-

This one was probably my favorite in the collection.

This one has truly lovable characters. Lindsay is a spitfire and she isn’t going to take crap off anyone while Bodey is a bit of a doof. Instead of asking Lindsay out, Bodey concocts this elaborate scheme to get her to go out with him. And instead of letting the guy off the hook and just saying she’ll go out with him, she goes along with everyone’s matchmaking attempts and even goes out of her way to make things harder for him because she can’t let him know that she knows he’s behind it all. I love the banter between them and the dynamic of their building relationship.

I did find continuity errors but other than that, I thought it was excellently written and highly entertaining.

Review: Undeadly by Cynthia St. Aubin


When life sucks, and so does your next client…

Halloween is just around the corner, and life is bringing Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt all tricks and no treats. Ghosts haunt her in the organic produce aisle, she’s been roped into attending a costume party she’d sell her soul to avoid, and the delicious demigod who once warmed her couch is taking his clients and his attentions elsewhere.

But when even her lethal hit man lover fails to recognize the threat lurking in the shadows, Matilda finds herself confronted with one hell of a problem—surrender what’s left of the life she knew, or face losing herself to the madness that took her mother.


Ok. Now I purchased this one when it came out two months ago, but I just got the chance to read it. Life has been a little hectic and with review requests piling up, I kinda forgot I hadn’t read it until I realized the next book comes out in a few days! So I had an EEK! moment and shuffled my TBR pile to give myself a chance to devour this one before I fall behind.

I know I have probably said this before but these books just keep getting better… This one is another perfect 10 for St.Aubin, simply because I have to keep myself from exceeding the 10 point scale I initially set up.

I first fell in love with Dr. Schmidt because of the humorous way she got dumped into the supernatural world and the comedy of errors that seemed to follow her around as she learned to navigate her new reality. But as the series progresses, it is becoming less and less about the absurd circumstances and hilarity that ensues. Although there are still reasons to laugh, it is obvious that Matilda’s life is changing, and not all of those changes can be laughed off.

Now, some parts of the book are funny- the vampire suffering from hematophobia, the Bacchanal-esque, costume-birthday party at Rolly’s… these are guaranteed to get at least a chuckle- but there is a more serious side to Matilda’s life- and that is what appears to be the main focus of this installment. Her feelings for Crixus and the gaping hole inside that she feels when she doesn’t hear from him for weeks… The parameters of her relationship with Liam- the complication of distance and the ‘legal’ nature of their union- and the questions about how she feels for him… The circumstances surrounding her mother, their relationship (or lack thereof), the insanity that she fears will doom her to a similar fate… these are all pretty heavy topics. Throw in her doubts concerning her professional future and you have a story that could very well prompt our favorite psychologist to seek out the guidance of a mental health professional- that is if she could find one that would believe her.

I will say that I continue to be floored by the depth of these stories. It still boggles my mind that so much can be adequately addressed in the mere 89 pages that Amazon claims this story has. I don’t know if it is the fast-paced sequence of events or the rich detail that makes it seem so much longer; I feel like lifetimes passed in the brief hours it took me to read this one.

Cynthia St. Aubin is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors- she writes excellent stories that are not only highly entertaining but they speak to the lit geek in me. Everything about the book is so well constructed- the characters, the plot, the dialogue- I never finish one of these and think- ‘It would’ve been better if…’ The series continues to hold my attention on a higher level because the characters and plot evolve as they go along making it feel as if it is going somewhere. I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the next book, thankfully I don’t have long to wait!

Spotlight and Review: Ready to Were by Robyn Peterman


I never planned on going back to Hung Island, Georgia. Ever.

I was a top notch Were agent for the secret paranormal Council and happily living in Chicago where I had everything I needed –  a gym membership, season tickets to the Cubs and Dwayne – my gay, Vampyre best friend. Going back now would mean facing the reason I’d left and I’d rather chew my own paw off than deal with Hank.

Hank the Tank Wilson was the six foot three, obnoxious, egotistical, perfect-assed, best-sex-of-my-life, Werewolf who cheated on me and broke my heart. At the time, I did what any rational woman would do. I left in the middle of the night with a suitcase, big plans and enough money for a one-way bus ticket to freedom. I vowed to never return.

But here I am, trying to wrap my head around what has happened to some missing Weres without wrapping my body around Hank. I hope I don’t have to eat my words and my paw.

***This novella originally appeared in the Three Southern Beaches collection released July of 2014. This is an extended version of that story.


ROBYN author BIO


NYT and USA Today best selling author, Robyn Peterman writes because the people inside her head won’t leave her alone until she gives them life on paper. She writes snarky, sexy, funny paranormal and snarky, sexy, funny contemporaries. Her addictions include laughing really hard with friends, shoes (the expensive kind), Target, Coke Zero Cherry with extra ice in a styrofoam cup, bejeweled reading glasses, her kids, her super-hot hubby and collecting stray animals. A former professional actress, with Broadway, film and T.V. credits, she now lives in the south with her family and too many animals to count. Writing gives her peace and makes her whole, plus having a job where she can work in your underpants works really well for her.





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Robyn is another one of those authors I just have to read. Her books are laugh out loud funny and highly addictive. This one is no different. I could not put it down… even when my reader died. I read the last 7% while plugged in to the wall which is saying something because that meant I had to crawl out of my warm bed and read standing up (and freezing) on the opposite side of the room to finish it- but boy was it worth it.

As always, Robyn creates an amazing cast of characters. Essie is snarky and stubborn; she is determined to prove herself even if she makes a fool of herself in the process. Hank is all alpha and you can’t help but love the furball even if he is domineering and a bit egotistical. Junior is a bit of a goof but he tells it like it is and he is more than he seems (and I hope Robyn writes his story next). Granny is something else and exactly what I want to be if I ever grow up. Then there is Dwayne… Let’s just say I wish I had a gay vampire best friend. (He and Granny make quite a pair!) These assorted crazies manage to antagonize each other to the brink of madness, but at the end of the day, they do it out of love. (Being from a big, obnoxious, southern family, I can relate!)

I loved the story. It was fast paced and intriguing. There was no lull in the narrative, the mystery surrounding the missing weres and the relationship issues between Essie and Hank were woven together in a way that didn’t leave time for the reader to get complacent. And to top it off, it was riddled with humorous lines and crazy antics; I laughed until my sides hurt and suffered several coughing fits before all was said and done. Everything about it- from the agency Essie works for, the WTF, to the banes of Essie’s existence, an island named Hung and three uberbitches all named Tina-  is just freaking brilliant. I can’t get enough of the fantastic supernatural world this lady creates.

By the way, if you haven’t guessed yet, this one scores a perfect 10.

Review: Beautiful Bounty by M J Nightingale


Ronnie Sears has a college degree, a promising future, a boyfriend, and a plan. But, her perfect life comes crashing down around her in the blink of an eye. Arrested, framed for drug smuggling, and facing years behind bars, Ronnie sees no choice but to run. Only she can prove her innocence.

Nikko Marino is a sexy, devastatingly charming bounty hunter. His job, as told to him by his older brothers, is to keep an eye on the curvaceous blonde. Make sure she doesn’t run. But what his brothers don’t know is that he and Ronnie have a past. He and the Ice Princess are more than mere passing acquaintances. She makes his blood burn, and he knows how to warm up this woman.

Nikko wants to prove himself, but this beauty might just take him down. With his reputation on the line, will Nikko, the hot-blooded youngest Marino, fall for this temptress? Will he be able to protect this beautiful bounty from herself, from the man who framed her, but most importantly can he protect his heart?

Beautiful Bounty is the first book in The Bounty Hunters – The Marino Bros.
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

This book is intended for a mature audience. 18+


Okay, this one, for me, only ranks in at a 7.5. I loved the concept- a woman set up to take the fall for a crime she didn’t commit falling for the playboy bondsman/bounty hunter who is keeping tabs on her after his family did her a favor posting the bond to get her out of jail. Things become complicated when the intense attraction they feel tries to become true feelings. Ronnie has considerable trust issues and that the circumstances she faces continue to give her reasons to hold on to her mistrust of Nikko. She knows that she can’t even begin to contemplate what she may be feeling for him until she clears her name while he struggles to do his job, keep her safe, and show her that he is more than she believes him to be. The story was intriguing and the only problem I had with the story line was a perceived as a plot hole which was explained at the end of the book. I liked the characters. For the most part they were well developed, each one having a distinct personality and a crucial role within the story.

The trouble I had with the book was a matter of style… Even with books written in third person, you get the sense of it being told from a particular character’s point of view. With Beautiful Bounty, there are too many changes in point of view. Not that I would normally find that problematic, it is just that many of them are unexpected. I think that they could have been worked in a little better so that it wouldn’t interrupt the flow of the story. I also found some of the sex scenes problematic. Again it is mostly a style thing that I don’t particularly care for. I don’t like to penalize an author for using certain words just because I think there are better ones so I refrain from judging based on language but there was more to it. The scene in the beginning was great and the scenes toward the end were also good. It was just the ones in the middle. It was almost like they were thrown in just to spice up the story or up the word count and they didn’t quite work as well as they could have. They had a forced quality to them that detracted from the story.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. The reason it didn’t rank as high as some of the others is that some of the stylistic issues made it hard for me to follow at times. But despite its flaws, it kept me reading and therein lies its redemption. I feel that this is going to be a good series and it will be worth following. I look forward to reading the other brothers’ stories and seeing how the series plays out.

Blog Tour: Beautiful Bounty by M J Nightingale

Beautiful Bounty

MJ Nightingale

Release Date: November 28, 2014



Ronnie Sears has a college degree, a promising future, a boyfriend, and a plan. But, her perfect life comes crashing down around her in the blink of an eye. Arrested, framed for drug smuggling, and facing years behind bars, Ronnie sees no choice but to run. Only she can prove her innocence.

Nikko Marino is a sexy, devastatingly charming bounty hunter. His job, as told to him by his older brothers, is to keep an eye on the curvaceous blonde. Make sure she doesn’t run. But what his brothers don’t know is that he and Ronnie have a past. He and the Ice Princess are more than mere passing acquaintances. She makes his blood burn, and he knows how to warm up this woman.

Nikko wants to prove himself, but this beauty might just take him down. With his reputation on the line, will Nikko, the hot-blooded youngest Marino, fall for this temptress? Will he be able to protect this beautiful bounty from herself, from the man who framed her, but most importantly can he protect his heart?

Beautiful Bounty is the first book in The Bounty Hunters – The Marino Bros.

Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

Purchase Links

Amazon | B&N | Smashwords

Excerpt #1 

“Seriously Nikko.” She rolled her eyes at him, just shook her head, and began to fiddle with the wrapping on her straw.  She popped it into the top of the Styrofoam container, and then took a sip of her strawberry milkshake, a long one.

He watched her curiously.  He knew he had been flirting, but only to make her jealous, and realize what she missed out on last summer by running from him.  He began to peel the paper off of his own straw when she finally came up for air. He wished those lips were sucking something else.  His cock was enjoying the thought immensely.  He was grateful the table was hiding his powerful erection.

As Ronnie took another pull on the straw she saw Nikko squirm on the seat uncomfortably as he tried to get his straw unwrapped.  “Oh yes!” she whispered huskily and licked her lips.  She put the straw back in her mouth to suck a little more of the frothy, creamy concoction into her mouth. Two, could play his game, she thought, as his jaw hit the dirt.  She could make more out of her enjoyment of the milkshake than she really felt and give him a little dose of his own medicine.  She released the straw and then darted out her tongue to lick the tiny bubble of ice cream that appeared on top. Nikko jammed his straw into his own mouth and looked at her fiercely.  Smiling and then ignoring him, she popped the straw back into her mouth sucking greedily.

Nikko’s mouth dropped at the sight of Ronne’s lips on the straw, sucking.  And her words practically had him shoot a load like he was a teenaged boy again.  His blood was pumping in his veins. The wrong veins, or maybe the right ones. He felt his cock in his pants stir against the constraints.  The second, no maybe third time that day, she’d made him harder than the Rock of Gibraltar.  He shifted on the wooden seat uncomfortably. His balls would be blue in no time if she continued her little sensuous torment much longer.  He knew what she was doing, but that didn’t, couldn’t stop his reaction to it.

He finally took another sip of his own drink needing the coolness of it to tame the flames she was fanning.  It was good.  “Oh yes,” he teased her back saying it breathily.  “So good!” he purred and went in for another sip.

They exchanged glances over their straws and then both of them couldn’t help themselves, they burst out laughing simultaneously.

They laughed, and for Ronnie it felt good.  It was the first time she had laughed in days, and had not thought about all the things she had to face.  For Nikko, it was startling.  He realized he loved her laugh, and would like to hear her do that more often.  Like last summer, he realized there was something about this girl who made him want more than just a roll in the hay.  But, he couldn’t think of that now.

Meet the Marino Brothers

Excerpt #2

Ronnie knew she was drunk because this was just feeling so good. She needed to stop him. But somehow she couldn’t. He smelled so damn good. The cologne, the sea breeze, the wind, and his tongue trailing down her neck had her senses spiraling. That and the three glasses of champagne she had consumed. His lips and teeth nuzzled her neck, little nips that felt like tiny explosions.  His hand slid up her rib cage. She felt the timeless exploration under her breast as he tested its weight. He gently squeezed, and then flicked her nipple beneath the thin material of the bridesmaid gown she wore. He pulled the cup down and a cool blast of night air hit her before his mouth descended on the tiny bud. His mouth was hot. Oh yes! His tongue divine as it titillated her even further. She was the opposite of senseless. She was on fire.

Nikko couldn’t believe his luck. The blond beauty had given him the cold shoulder whenever their paths crossed. But, the little ice princess had warmed up to him. All it had taken was a few drinks, a few dances, and a few suggestions whispered in her ear. He murmured his appreciation around the mouthful of the most amazing breasts he had ever seen in his twenty six years. This little spitfire with the snapping brown eyes had continued to ignore him throughout the ceremony. But at the reception, she loosened up.  Let her hair down so to speak. Once he got her on the dance floor, and showed her a few moves, she came undone and began to relax.  He liked her like this. Very much.

“Oh God!” she whimpered as he circled her nipple with his tongue and then gently pulled on it with his teeth. She was tugging on his dark hair, pulling him closer, showing him her true nature. She wanted this, and he was more than happy to comply.

They met two weeks ago at the rehearsal dinner for his cousin’s wedding. From that moment, he knew he wanted her, underneath him, on top, he didn’t care. She was every man’s wet dream even though it seemed like she didn’t know it.  And right now, she was making one of his fantasies come true, up against a palm tree on the beach in a relatively secluded alcove.  She was pushing against him, craving the contact.  There was no denying he relished it.  And he thanked his lucky stars, because he wanted her, badly. His cock had been at attention all through their dances. Now, it was straining against his black dress pants needing its own gratification.

But, he meant to please her first. She was leaning against the coarse bark of a skinny palm, on the beach where hours earlier his cousin, Victor, wed his lovely bride, Monica. His free hand snaked up her thigh. It was shapely. The girl’s legs were defined, hard under the smooth surface. He could feel her muscles tremble under her silky skin as he slid his hand up the inside of her leg. He cupped her, and again she pushed into his touch. Not one to deny anyone their pleasure, least of all himself, he felt Ronnie part her legs and slid a finger inside. She was already aroused, and wet. He began to flick her clit as she squirmed in time to his ministrations.

“Oh God, Nikko . . .,” she murmured, “that feels so . . .”

About the Author

MJ Nightingale has spent over two decades teaching students how to write, and now she is doing it herself.  Originally from Canada, she graduated from University with her Bachelor of Arts and then went on to get her Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Education.

            Reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of classical English and American literature, but romance has always held a special place in her heart.  She devours historical romance novels all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, and drama.  This is her second published book, and she has one more book, Afraid to Hope, coming out in in the summer of 2014.  All three, Fire In His Eyes, Afraid to Love and Afraid to Hope, are erotic romance standalone novels and are part of her Secrets & Seduction Series.

            She is also working on a new series The Bounty Hunters for 2015.

            She currently lives in Florida, where she continues to teach, with her wonderful husband of nine years, and her sons.  She plans on pursuing her writing career full time very soon.

Contact the Author

**MJ Nightingale would love to hear from her readers.  She can be reached at

And you can also visit her author page on Facebook at:  to see what is coming next by MJ Nightingale.


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