Review: Undeadly by Cynthia St. Aubin


When life sucks, and so does your next client…

Halloween is just around the corner, and life is bringing Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt all tricks and no treats. Ghosts haunt her in the organic produce aisle, she’s been roped into attending a costume party she’d sell her soul to avoid, and the delicious demigod who once warmed her couch is taking his clients and his attentions elsewhere.

But when even her lethal hit man lover fails to recognize the threat lurking in the shadows, Matilda finds herself confronted with one hell of a problem—surrender what’s left of the life she knew, or face losing herself to the madness that took her mother.


Ok. Now I purchased this one when it came out two months ago, but I just got the chance to read it. Life has been a little hectic and with review requests piling up, I kinda forgot I hadn’t read it until I realized the next book comes out in a few days! So I had an EEK! moment and shuffled my TBR pile to give myself a chance to devour this one before I fall behind.

I know I have probably said this before but these books just keep getting better… This one is another perfect 10 for St.Aubin, simply because I have to keep myself from exceeding the 10 point scale I initially set up.

I first fell in love with Dr. Schmidt because of the humorous way she got dumped into the supernatural world and the comedy of errors that seemed to follow her around as she learned to navigate her new reality. But as the series progresses, it is becoming less and less about the absurd circumstances and hilarity that ensues. Although there are still reasons to laugh, it is obvious that Matilda’s life is changing, and not all of those changes can be laughed off.

Now, some parts of the book are funny- the vampire suffering from hematophobia, the Bacchanal-esque, costume-birthday party at Rolly’s… these are guaranteed to get at least a chuckle- but there is a more serious side to Matilda’s life- and that is what appears to be the main focus of this installment. Her feelings for Crixus and the gaping hole inside that she feels when she doesn’t hear from him for weeks… The parameters of her relationship with Liam- the complication of distance and the ‘legal’ nature of their union- and the questions about how she feels for him… The circumstances surrounding her mother, their relationship (or lack thereof), the insanity that she fears will doom her to a similar fate… these are all pretty heavy topics. Throw in her doubts concerning her professional future and you have a story that could very well prompt our favorite psychologist to seek out the guidance of a mental health professional- that is if she could find one that would believe her.

I will say that I continue to be floored by the depth of these stories. It still boggles my mind that so much can be adequately addressed in the mere 89 pages that Amazon claims this story has. I don’t know if it is the fast-paced sequence of events or the rich detail that makes it seem so much longer; I feel like lifetimes passed in the brief hours it took me to read this one.

Cynthia St. Aubin is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors- she writes excellent stories that are not only highly entertaining but they speak to the lit geek in me. Everything about the book is so well constructed- the characters, the plot, the dialogue- I never finish one of these and think- ‘It would’ve been better if…’ The series continues to hold my attention on a higher level because the characters and plot evolve as they go along making it feel as if it is going somewhere. I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the next book, thankfully I don’t have long to wait!

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