Review: Which Witch is Which?


Four identical sisters are prophesied to hold the fate of the entire world in their powerful hands.

Meet the Witches of Port Townsend:

Moira –
A water witch, Moira has always been a healer, but the one soul she can’t mend is her own. When a mysterious message promises the chance to answer the questions about her muddy past, she hops on the first plane out of the bayou and right into Conquest’s destructive path. Recovering her past will mean fighting the most persuasive man in history for her future.

Claire –
A fire witch, Claire’s a passionate woman cursed by her powers, longing to find someone who can withstand her love. She believes she’s forever destined to be alone until she receives a message summoning her “home.” The world’s most violent man stands between her and her family, and even if she wins the battle, she may lose her heart to War.

Aerin –
An air witch, Aerin is a ruthless business woman well on her way to ruling the corporate world, until she discovers she not only has three identical sisters, but their fates are entwined with the apocalypse. When she meets Pestilence, an immortal whose destiny is to wipe out entire civilizations, she not only withstands his lethal touch, she craves it.

Tierra –
An earth witch, Tierra is all about nature and nurturing her relationships with her newfound sisters. Family means everything to her, and she’ll do whatever she must to keep her sisters safe. But unless she can overcome Death himself, humanity’s prospects are grim.

The de Moray sisters clash with the most dangerous immortals the earth has ever known. Locked on opposing sides of a battle older than time, their fight is only the beginning…of the end.


I will be honest. I bought this one simply because I absolutely luuurrrrve Cynthia St. Aubin’s work. I love the Dr. Matilda Schmidt books and I figured if her name was on it, it had to be good.

I was not disappointed.

All four authors did a remarkable job with their portion of the story. Each piece focuses on a different sister; her background, her knowledge of her powers, the way she reacts to finding out she has sisters, the development of relationships to her long lost family, and her attraction to one of the four horsemen. With so much going on, it is amazing that a group of authors manage to put together a novel that flows as if it were written by a single writer.

The characters are amazing. Each sister has a personality that is so different from the others that it is amazing that they ever see eye to eye on anything but they are all fiercely determined to stand together and not bring about the end of the world. Unfortunately, the horsemen believe the only way to stop the apocalypse is to take the sisters out. This is easier said than done because of an intense attraction each of them feel towards one of the sisters. Each believes that one must die, but the question is which witch will it be?

This is an absolutely incredible book! It is rare that a group of authors can work so seamlessly together. I look forward to reading more from all four of these incredible ladies and I will be anxiously awaiting the next release because I can’t wait to find out what happens next between the witches of Port Townsend and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


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