Review: The Edge and I by Tonya Thomas


Boxed set of five of Tonya Thomas’s women’s fiction short stories.

Amy Reynolds thought she had a great boyfriend, until one by one all her freedoms began to disappear. When her job is threatened, Amy decides it’s time to become more independent. But that’s not how her boyfriend Brad feels. He’s likes things the way they are and will go to any length to keep it that way.

Emily as always had a problem with her weight. Yo-yo dieting was something she’d accepted as part of her life. But when an opportunity arrives to expand her horizons, she leaps at the chance. That brings her a new income source and a chance at love. But when her new significant other plots to keep her fat–and unattractive to other men–she objects. And then she meets a man with the ability to sweep her off her feet. Will she give up everything she thought she wanted or will she cling to the vows she made when she said “I do”?

Jennifer has always been a wallflower, so when Mike Palmer flatters her—and asks her out—she feels on top of the world. But Mike’s a sports nut, and soon Jennifer feels like she’s playing second fiddle to every sport televised. Her ultimatum has Mike reconsidering their relationship. Soon their dates are fun and fulfilling. Without telling a soul they elope, and then Jennifer’s problems really begin when she discovers the man she thought she’d known is almost a complete stranger.

One hot September afternoon, Annie Henderson’s life changed forever. That was the day she was raped. Nine months later, she gave up the daughter she’d conceived on that terrible day. Forging a new life was difficult, but Annie had a successful military career and then had a family. Life was good, until the daughter she gave up reenters her life, and threatens to ruin it forever.

Erica came from a large family and always had to work hard for everything in life. Then she met Donovan Whitmore—the man of her dreams who could give her everything she ever wanted. Only … it turned out Donovan worked just as hard as Erica—-maybe harder. And then everything she always wanted wasn’t nearly enough.


Life isn’t easy and it damn sure isn’t always pleasant. Unfortunately there are situations in life that are difficult to deal with and these stories address some of those situations. Abusive relationships, jealousy, poor self-esteem and self-worth, being victimized in one way or another… these things are all very real and even though they might not be the light-hearted musings that many people prefer, it is sometimes good to reflect on these stories.

Thomas’s stories are terribly realistic and powerful. And while every single one could be drawn out into a longer piece, each still manages to tell a complete story with enough detail that you feel the power behind the words. These women could easily be a friend or family member and it hits you right in the gut that there are women who live lives just like these.

The stories are well written and even though they are brief, you get a feel for the main character and understand the troubles she faces. These are not stories for the faint of heart; there is an amount of violence against the women-abuse, rape, etc. and even though a lot of happens off stage, there are some gritty scenes present in the tales. I give this collection 9 out of 10.


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